Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – For Food Lovers

Christmas definitely is a perfect time of year, and if you are a food and drink lover, or are looking for gift ideas for the a food lover then we have some yummy treats lined up for you!

Most of the products in our Christmas Gift List have our personal review linked to them so you can read further into each product if you feel to have found something you might like or want more information on. Some links may take you directly to the product’s website if we have not personally reviewed the item.

Onuga Logo

Onuga is a delicious alternative to caviar, up the stakes this Christmas and set out a feast for your foodie friends. At a fraction of the cost Onuga is made entirely from natural ingredients – smoked herring plus a little added salt, honey, lemon juice and seaweed. Onuga is perfect on top of canapés and fish starters as they accompany each other well.

The Summerton Club

The Summerton Club Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac

The Summerton Club offers a chance to experience sharing beautifully-aged bottles of delight to their members every month. They mainly focus on the main three Whiskies (Bourbon, Whiskey, Whisky), Brandies (Armagnac, Cognac, Grappa) and Rums (Cachaça, Rum, Rhum, Ron).

Cure & Simple Bacon

Cure and Simple bacon review by Family Clan

Cure and Simple offers high quality bacon delivered straight to your door. Their Christmas gift line-up includes Cure and Simple’s traditional Christmas gift boxes, gift cards and subscription vouchers – and a special new offer: a Christmas present that will keep the foodie in your life happy all year long. It’s called The Curiosity Club.

The Curiosity Club offers monthly deliveries of packs of hand-cured and air-dried bacon in 12 flavour profiles, all created by Cure and Simple’s talented in-house chef, with recipe ideas included, The Curiosity Club is a unique – and very, very tasty – Christmas food gift.

Ozeri Professional Series Ceramic Earth Pan

Ozeri Professional Series Ceramic Earth Fry Pan Family Clan

Finding cookwear that is high quality and at an affordable price can become quite a search. So here I can help you with this Ozeri Ceramic Earth Fry Pan with such high quality at an affordable price. Perfect for that keen cook and all round perfect pan that can be used for most things. Highly recommended for a gift this Christmas.

Guylian Chocolates

Guylian Chocolate Sea Horses Review Family Clan

With these irresistible sea horse chocolates that are filled with the Guylian signature filling – a rich and luxurious creamy roasted hazelnut praliné, they are such a yummy treat this Christmas, they will be perfect as a gift or to keep for Christmas eve whilst watching a film. If you can keep them for that long without eating them.

Ozeri Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

Ozeri double-wall thermo glass review by Family Clan 5

This time of year its getting colder, but we all still like to have friends round to enjoy a drink, whether that be hot or cold drinks, these Ozeri double-wall thermo glasses have you set for all occasions! Perfect for your Christmas tipple or even a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter evening around the fire.

Cotswolds and Speyburn Whisky

Speyburn and Costwold Whisky Review

Are you looking for an extra special tipple for Christmas? Then check out Cotswolds and Speyburn whiskies. They are a touch of class in the ever growing whiskey market!

The Spice Pioneer

The Spice Pioneer is a monthly subscription spice kit which enables customers to make authentic and amazing dishes from around the world, such as Paella, Fragrant Thai Curries or Jerk Chicken, and makes a perfect present for the foodie in your life.

The kits are developed by The Spice Pioneer– famous for their world-class herbs, spices and chillies, so you can be sure that the Spice Pioneer spice meal kits are all completely authentic and deliver a really great meal experience. The Spice Pioneer meal kits are ideal for those who love to cook and try new flavours and cuisines.


MINIvino review by Family Clan

MINIvino is wine that is made by an award winning winemaker from the beautiful vineyards of Italy. You can choose from Chardonnay, Merlot and Rosé, these dainty little BPA free plastic ‘glass’ each holds 187ml of juicy wine.

They are lightweight, robust and perfect for popping into your bag for when the moment calls!

Konditor & Cook

Konditor & COOK Yumminess Review Family Clan

Konditor & Cook is famous Mince Pies that are made with the finest all-butter pastry and filled with a luxurious full flavoured vegetarian mincemeat. If you want a nice treat for after Christmas dinner then Konditor & Cook are a perfect choice with their mince pies and biscuit box for this special treat.


Botonique Alcohol Free Wine Review Family Clan

Fancy a glass of sparkling wine, but don’t want the alcohol right now or perhaps you’re the designated driver? Then Botonique Blush was made for you!

Strawberry, rose and bramble on the nose leads to an intriguing array of flavours from botanical extracts, and a lovely long dry finish, so moreish, but the good news is you can have as much as you want!

Chilli wizards – The hot choice

They do say chilli and chocolate go well together, so why not test your tongue with these spicy chilli products from Chilli Wizards. Or have a friend that is always saying how they can have hot stuff and it doesn’t bother them? Then call their bluff and give them these this Christmas.

Ozeri 18/8 Stainless Steel Earth Pan

Ozeri Stainless Steel Earth Pan review by Family Clan

Having a good pan can not only improve your cooking but also improve the taste of the food aswell. The Ozeri Stainless Steel Earth Pan is induction stove compatible. This pan is also oven safe, so if you have certain recipes that would ask you to finish off your recipe in the oven you can simply place the pan in the oven up to a temperature of 260 degrees.

Popaball’s Glitter Gravy

Popaball Glitter Gravy by Family Clan

Popaball’s Glitter Gravy is here and is guaranteed to add even more fun, sparkle and enjoyment to your festive celebrations.

The glitter gravy makes the perfect stocking filler for your Christmas host, it would even make a pretty cool secret Santa present or surprise addition to your dinner table.

Rhythm 108

rhythm 108 review by Family Clan

Rhythm 108 make Real Food from The Yogi’s ancient secrets in a small cave in the Swiss Alps, bustling with Yogi-Patissiers! They always use pure ingredients and their nutritious recipes are simple, delicious and made with a lot of heart and soul – just like at home.
Bringing back the fun and creativity into healthy eating! Bringing back the authenticity we all grew up with, Rhythm 108 offer healthy but indulgent goodies that are really yummy!

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  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    I love foodie gifts at Christmas, lots of ideas here for 2020!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Thinking of Christmas 2019 – this year I’ll be more organised ( on theory ! )

  3. ashleigh allan

    Good selection – I love foodie gifts – the spice one sounds good!

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