Christmas Gift Guide 2018 for Children 4+ Years

With so much choice for Christmas gifts for children, and so many toys out there on the market we have put together this list to help you decide on the big decisions for your little ones.

Most of the products in our Christmas Gift List have our personal review linked to them so you can read further into each product if you feel to have found something you might like or want more information on. Some links may take you directly to the product’s website if we have not personally reviewed the item.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

Poopsie Unicorn Suprise review by Family Clan

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn magically poop slime! Each time you feed your surprise unicorn and sit her on her glitter potty, she creates surprise, collectible unicorn poop (slime)! Transform your unicorn poop over and over again with Unicorn Magic! Over 20 magic surprises included with each Surprise Unicorn!

L.O.L. Surprise Pop Up Store Play Set & Glitter Series

L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up shop review by Family Clan

Check out the L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store is a 3-in-1 playset, display and carrying case and did you know this playset has also been voted in the top 10 toys for Christmas 2018 by Dream Toys.

Fingerlings HUGS

Fingerlings HUGS are softies when it comes to affection. Their long arms are perfect for nice BIG HUGS!

With your Fingerling HUGS you can swing, tickle, hug & kiss, shake, throw, record and hang upside down. You can also pet them and rock them to sleep… or give them a great big kiss and watch them kiss you back! Perfect Christmas present this year as it one of the favourites to be had!

Sylvanian Families Designer Studio

Sylvanian Families review Family Clan

With the new Sylvanian Town range, you really can make your own town. From restaurants, to grand department store, to a yummy creamy gelato shop, starry point lighthouse, to even a ballet theatre.

Just check out this Designer Studio, which would make a great gift for your Sylvanian Families fans.

Mini Hornit Helmet

Mini Hornit Polka Dot Helmet Lid

Mini Hornit helmets are a bit, no a LOT, cooler than most kids’ bike helmets and they are painstakingly designed to look stylish & fun!
The Mini Hornit Lids are fully adjustable, comfortable, lightweight and they are actually something children will want to wear! Perfect addition to a new bike or scooter that will be bought as a Christmas present

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Heliball

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Heliball review by Family Clan 6

Get set, and go and live your magical Harry Potter dreams of being a Seeker, and get catching your Golden Snitch.

The Golden Snitch Heliball gives a fun and unique gameplay. A patented proximity sensory underneath the Snitch detects anything below, and on detection increases the propellers speeds so as the Heliball rises up through the air, giving you a real experience with your Golden Snitch.

Stax Hybrid Range

These STAX Hybrid ranges, are perfect for your budding builder. With a variety to choose from such as animals and engines you will find a perfect present to wrap under the tree for any boy or girl. They make sounds and lights just like the real thing!


Step aside turkey, this Christmas is all about the burrito… Get ready for these cuteness overload this Christmas as kids across the UK unwrap and unroll Cutetitos!

Cutetitos from Basic Fun are the spiciest new collectible soft toy pets to hit the shelves in the UK this December and at just £9.99, are set to be the hottest must-have this Christmas.

Discovery Microscope

Discovery 100x Telescope Review Family Clan

Take a closer look at the world with this classic design functioning 36 piece Discovery Channel microscope set by Trends UK.

With 3 levels of magnification 25x, 50x and 100x settings you can really get up close and discover more than the naked eye with this Discovery 100x Microscope. Perfect for your budding scientist or biologist.

Magical Mythical Stories

These story and colouring books have been created to capture the imagination of all young readers.

Both these Jenny Ford books; Tilly and the Magical Mermaid and Joshua and the Magical Unicorn would be a perfect gift this Christmas.

Style 4 Ever DIY Unicorn

Style 4 Ever DIY Unicorn review by Family Clan

For all those unicorn fans finally, there’s a chance to create your unique cute character that also glows in the dark. The Style 4 Ever Unicorn allows you to decorate your unicorn with gems, transfers and stickers personalising it to how your little one loves!


Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Mitre Footballs Review Family Clan

What do you get when you combine the incredible adventures of the Avengers: Infinity War heroes with Mitre’s legendary footballs? The best football in the universe… or at least we think so!

The world’s original football brand Mitre are delivering their fans their unique collection, which are inspired by the Marvel Super Heroes. Avengers: Infinity War film released earlier this year.

The Mitre balls are available in Scriball and Match Ball, this collection includes the stealth and stamina of the Black Panther, The speed and reflex of Spider-Man and the tactical prowess of Iron Man.

Ravensburger 3D Planetary Solar System Puzzle

Ravensburger 3D Planetery Solar System review by Family Clan

Ravensburger have over 100 years’ worth of experience in the manufacture of puzzles. Not only do they make the best selection of puzzles, but also pride themselves on having the highest quality. The Ravensburger 3D Planetary Solar System Puzzle is suitable for ages 7 years and up and I definitely recommend for adults too. It has been great to do and watch as it builds up is quite amazing.

Little Dragons Café

Adventure is on the menu as you enter an entirely new world fashioned by Yasuhiro Wada, the creator of the Bokujō Monogatari series (published under the names Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons outside of Japan).

The story-driven gameplay features a balance of three elements: Managing your café, Exploring the world and Raising a Dragon.

So Glow DIY Magic Jar

So Glow DIY Magic Jar review by Family Clan

This So Glow DIY Magic Jar kit enables children to create and customise their own Light Up Glitter Glow Jars. Its a mess free activity with a simply stunning result. Once created just simply shake and the jar will light up and you see all the sequins, confetti and collectible toys move around.

Incredibles 2 range by JAKKS Pacific

The Incredibles 2 Hydroliner & Elastigirl Elasticycle from JAKKS Pacific Toys Review Family Clan

The Hydroliner playset and the stretching and speeding Elasticycle are a perfect ‘big present’ choice this Christmas. Kids can play with the ultimate Hydroliner playset that is inspired by the film, the Hydroliner features a fold out ice slide thanks to the character Frozone. A launching projectile with two missiles, load up and shoot your enemies, but don’t forget the trap door on the lower deck where there is a rotating chamber to capture the bad guys.

The fun doesn’t stop there either, just check out this Stretching and Speeding Elasticycle. Ride to the rescue with the Elastigirl on her Elasticycle! Place the cycle on the launch ramp and turn the handle to power up and watch as Elastigirl stretches, then launches into exciting action as she speeds across the floor, ready to take on trouble! Woooosh!


Disney Princess Aquadbeads review by Family Clan

Aquabeads offer a variety of character licensed sets you can choose from to suit every child, from Disney Princess, Finding Dory, Minions, Cars, Toy Story, Star Wars and they don’t stop there the also have designs for zoo, sea life, sweets, animals, jewellery, unicorns & rainbows and if you just prefer to make your own designs they even make mega bead packs so you can make and create so many designs.

Despicable Me Minions Aquabeads Playset 4

Simply follow the template and just add water!


Rapidough Drumond Park Review Family Clan

Guess to slow and you lose some dough!

If your family love games, then they will love this table-top game from Drumond Park. The UK’s original and most popular team game of modelling charades. It’s absolutely hilarious – and, the whole family can join in the fun!

Rapidough is a family favourite fast action, shape making, game from sure to give some laughs this Christmas

Buff Headwear

BUFF headwear offer a wide range of winter headwear suitable for adults, kids and even the dog! As we are in for a cold winter, wrap up warm this winter with the leading sports head and neckwear brand, BUFF. They would make great gifts for children and adults.


RainBocorns review by Family Clan

These cute RainBocorns have been a big hit this year with their double image sequin heart they are cuddlesome and will make any Unicorn lover very happy.

Untamed Ferocious Fingerlings

You may well heard of Fingerlings, they were one of the biggest hits last year for Christmas. They are back with the new range of Untamed – Ferocious, a pet dinosaur at your fingertips, literally! Your dinosaur is your friendly companion or he can be the beast unleashed.
The Untamed Fingerling’s have sensors on its nose and head and the raptor has 2 play modes, Tamed & Untamed, depending on the mode in play, the same actions get different reactions!

Foxy Pants from Drumond Park

Foxy Pants review by Family Clan

Watch out for the sneaky fox, sniffing around the chicken coop, looking to fill his pockets with sleeping chickens! But when his pockets get to full, his trousers will fall down!
Can you rescue the chickens and return them to your chicken coop?


Oregon Scientific smartglobe consteallations image night light

This Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe will teach you everything you need to know and it isn’t all as it appears. This SmartGlobe has multiple features. It comes pre-programmed with so much it will keep your children entertained for hours, and make learning fun as they explore the world around them.

FabLab Glitter Tattoo Fun

Fab Lab Glitter Tattoos review by Family Clan 2

These FabLab beautiful glitter tattoos are the coolest party-ready fun that can be done in minutes! They are so pretty, and you will be sparkling in no time. With the FabLab Glitter Tattoos set from Interplay, you and the kids will look Fab and stand out amongst the rest.

My Fairy Light Garden

My Fairy Light Garden

Create you own magical My Fairy Light Garden, create your fairies garden and play with this, kids will love it!

Little Tikes RC Dozer Racer

Little Tikes RC Dozer Racer

RC Dozer Racer by Little Tikes is the only 2-in-1 remote control car designed for pre-schoolers, with an easy to use remote, the dozer racer can go from tearing down buildings to racing down a track by switching from racing car to dozer!

Make Your Christmas Jewellery with Gel-a-Peel

Customise with Gel-a-Peel this Month National Customisation Month Family Clan

Gel-a-Peel allows you to customise, design and create your own jewellery and accessories using coloured Gel-a-Peel pens. Design, peel, wear and share!

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