Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – for Grand Parents

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide Grandparents

Instead of the usual socks for Granddad, and chocolates for Nanna,  take a look at our list and find them something different.

Most of the products in our Christmas Gift List have our personal review linked to them so you can read further into each product if you feel to have found something you might like or want more information on. Some links may take you directly to the product’s website if we have not personally reviewed the item.

Mclaggen Mugs

McLaggen specialise in bone china mugs, they are the UK market leaders in the printing and decoration of bespoke and personalised bone china mugs. Great quality mug and make a perfect cuppa everytime!

Family Clan Mclaggan mug review

Magix – PhotoStory

Create and personalise your own photo story with Magix.
Magix is a programme that you can use on your pc/laptop which helps you to create videos using multiple images of your own. Keep your memories alive – you also have the choice of exporting the pictures to cd/social media/desktop.

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe Review Family Clan

The Cam’pouch from The Camouflage Company

This carry all from The Camouflage Company has so many uses, from using for your travelling toiletries to keeping your crafting items safe. It’s got a whole host of uses.

Camouflage Company Cam'pouch review Family Clan


Othello is the internationally acclaimed two player strategy game, that you can learn to play in a minute, but will take you a life time to master.

We love Othello and have played it as a family for years, its a game that you trap and capture you opponents chips by sandwiching them with yours and having the most turned to your colour by the end of the game – thats it, well almost!
Enjoy Othello this Christmas season it will be a great addition to play this year.

Othello Classic Review Family Clan



Eyejusters are a clever pair of glasses which enables the wearer to see close up, not just at one distance but at variable distances. So you can do really close up work or just read a book or look at photographs comfortably with out straining your eyes.

Eyejusters Review Family Clan

Canagan Cat food

Introducing Britain’s finest grain free cat food.

Are you a cat lover, well we have reviewed a great product for your little feline friend and our Lucy cat loved it, so this would be a great little treat for your purrrr-fect pussy cat this Christmas,

Canagan Cat Food Review Family Clan

Ferry Across the Mersey or Up the Manchester Ship Canal

What about a cruise up the Manchester Ship Canal or a trip around the Mersey? These would be great idea’s for gifts. For a couple or even on your own, it’s a delightful experience.

Mersey Ferries Summer Evening Cruise Cruises

Crochet & Knitting Companion Set

This set is the perfect companion to anyone that crochets or knits. There are lots of handy tool for the crafter to use including a needle gauge, stitch holder, beaded straight pins, row counters, stitch markers and so much more.

90 Piece Crochet Knitting Companion Set Family Clan Blog

Naipo Shoulder Massager

The Naipo Shoulder Massager has eight intensity levels, from a gentle tapping to intense and deep pummeling. It doesn’t only do your neck and shoulders, you can do your back, waist, tummy, hip, thighs and calves. Just imagine how much it would cost you to have a full body massage in a spa, and for as little as £39.99 you could have this in your own home to use whenever you want or need to.

Naipo Shoulder Massage Massager with tapping Model MGS-151 Review Family Clan


Doves Farm Flour

 Doves Farm have milled organic and heritage flours as well as a range of naturally gluten free flours since they were founded. Doves Farm made biscuits from their wholemeal flour and also reintroduced some of the UK’s lost ancient grains back to our soils. Rye was first, then Spelt, and Einkorn and Emmer soon followed. Today, Doves Farm continue to be driven by their original mission to make quality organic flour with care. The result is a range of unique, distinctive and trusted flours that make home baking a joy.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan

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  1. madrasa1

    This very helpful not just for Christmas but also for other occasions like Birthdays- thanks for the tips! 🙂

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    Lovely ideas, my mum is so hard to buy for, especially when you ask her if theirs anything she wants or needs and she says to spend it on my children, she loves reading so I usually buy her books, I think she would love the naipo shoulder Massager she’s on her feet all day in work xxx

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Always stuck for my older relatives
    You’ve given me lots of choice

  4. ashleigh allan

    Lots of good ideas and some products I haven’t heard of!

  5. A S,Edinburgh

    I’d never heard of McLaggen before, they look like lovely products. Great list, thank you!

  6. Sidrah Ahmed

    Great post

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