Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Hi everyone, and welcome to Family Clan’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2017!

Yes it’s that time of year again, where we are all thinking of what to buy our other halves, children, nieces & nephews, aunties & uncles, Nanna’s and Granddads, even the pet cat gets a look in!

What a busy year it has been for us at Family Clan, we have been a busy working, blogging, greeting new additions to our family, plenty family get togethers, and an exciting new bundle due next year too! Lots to look forward to and thank you for being with us this year,

We have put together this Christmas Gift Guide for 2017 to help make your decision making much easier!
So please enjoy reading and let us know what twinkled your eyes.

Gifts for Him

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide for Him

If you always struggle on what to buy ‘for him’ join the club! I am always unsure what to buy my other half this time of year!  He has a slight variety of everything that he likes, but nothing ever appeals to me for what to gift him. I hope that we might be able help guide you with the more unusual gifts!

Gifts for Her

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Buying a gift “for her” is always a challenge, we know our partners struggle, but if you leave the page open on our suggestions you might actually get something you want. We’ve tried to select gifts that we would want ourselves.

Gifts for Children 0-4 Years Old

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide for Children 0-4 years

Here you will find a large selection of child related products suitable for ages 0-4 years. We think this selection would make great gifts and all at great prices!

Gifts for Children 4+ Years Old

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide for Children 4 years plus

Here we have gathered a variety of gifts for children from age 4 years all the way up to teenagers. With a variety of everything, you will be sure to find something to suit.

Gifts for Grandparents

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide for Grandparents

Here we have a selection of gifts that would be ideal for grandparents, or even great grandparents. Some unusual gifts in our guide this year and I do hope we can help guide you on what to buy.

Gifts for Expectant & New Parents

Family Clan Christmas Gift Guide for Expectant & New Parents

Yes a different category to the normal, but being a mummy, and when I was expecting. I always liked the idea of presents for ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ and always liking to try new things. So this would be a great category if you know someone who is expecting, or even just lovely treats to yourself.

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Gift Guide for 2017 and do let us know if you find anything you particularly love! Hope you enjoy looking through as much as we had making it!

We have been sent many of these items for us to review and have added these on as part of our gift guide, you can read our honest reviews and opinions on these products before making your decisions. We have also added other products we have personally used and feel they would make a great choice as a gift for the Christmas season.

We are now accepting products submitted on a gifted basis, for inclusion in my Gift Guides. If you would like your brand or product to feature in this year’s Gift Guides, please email us with details to

14 Thoughts to “Christmas Gift Guide 2017”

  1. Laura Pritchard

    I’d love the BEATRIX POTTER – A LITTLE BOX OF BOOKS – a classic that would always make a great gift!

  2. Susan B

    The DERWENT PENCILS CALLIGRAPHY SET would be my choice. I love love love all things stationery and Derwent is a fabulous brand.

  3. Julie Wilson

    An Art of Football t=shirt would be a perfect gift

  4. Sharon Freemantle

    Fab suggestions some things I’d never have thought of.

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