Christmas Eve Box – Helpful Guide

Family Clan Christmas Eve Box Guide

Christmas Eve boxes are a growing trend, that us at Family Clan especially love to get involved with every year.
Jake and Grace absolutely adore their boxes they get every year. We make a quick rap on the door when they’re super busy and distracted, let them open it and say that Santa’s elves have delivered them!

So we want to help guide you on what to put in them! Yes the normal pyjamas, story and crafty activities, but we have made a list to help you and all at such great prices too.

Remember you don’t have to be little to enjoy a Christmas Eve Box!

Itty Bittys

These Christmas Itty Bittys would make a great addition to a Christmas Eve Box. They are perfect for the festive season and something that has been magically delivered from Santa for your little one to take to bed!

Hallmark Itty Bittys Christmas Family Clan

Personalised Chocolate Bars

These personalised chocolate bars are just the perfect addition to a Christmas Eve Box. Personalised with a name of your choice and Christmas themed pattern they are perfect for any Christmas Eve Box. Personalised Chocolate Bars by Family Clan

7th Heaven

This 7th Heaven bundle would make a perfect addition to a Christmas Eve Box. Beauty pampering before the big day! Filled with face masks, foot mask, hair masks, pom pom and bath bombs. These would make an excellent choice for A Christmas Eve Box – a treat to wake up feeling so refreshed for Christmas Day.

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Basket Full of Goodies


These Sip ‘N Sound straws would make a great addition for Christmas Eve Boxes. Sip and your straw will make an animal noise. They are great fun and would give plenty of giggles this Christmas Eve. They can be used with water/juice/milk so perfect for a night time drink before bed, whilst preparing Santa’s milk and cookie!

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops

We love these Bumblebee chocolate lollipops, Jake and Grace had great fun, they were really easy to make too so a perfect activity to do this Christmas Eve.

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

Christmas DVD

A Christmas DVD would be a perfect time to sit and enjoy on Christmas Eve, time to unwind would be great before the busy day of Christmas.

Our recommended Christmas films:- The Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Elf, Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Holiday, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually. These are just a few, there are so many great Christmas films out there.

Gel A Peel

Gel-a-Peel will make a great crafting activity to do on Christmas Eve. Jake and Grace both enjoy creating with these, you can make lots of jewellery, perhaps this would be a great idea for your children to make jewellery for loved ones who might be visiting on Christmas Day. Your children could make them on Christmas Eve and which will allow for them to fully dry over night and will be ready to give as gifts on Christmas Day.

Gel a Peel Colour Changing Kit Family Clan

Good Bubble Bath Sets

This gift set would make a great addition to a Christmas eve box, With Super Bubbly bubble bath and wash mitt included, this would be perfect inside a little ones Christmas eve box to get them prepared for Santa coming the next day!

Good Bubble Review by Family Clan


Everyone knows you get new pyjamas for Christmas young or old! It is tradition for us to give our children new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. Plus it fills the box up much easier! I tend to buy our pyjamas from George or I also got a great deal on Jake & Grace’s pyjamas last year in Argos for £16.66 each which included pyjamas set and dressing gown. But they were included in the 3 for 2 offer on toys, so making them £8.33 each. Argos currently have a range of pyjamas online. Here you can see the Boys & Girls pyjamas section and some great prices!


Slippers would make a great choice in a Christmas Eve Box. If you were creating one for an adult perhaps you might consider these lovely unicorn slippers.

Find Me A Gift Family Clan review

Christmas Story Book

Each Christmas Eve we always supply a Christmas story book within our Christmas Eve Boxes for me to read before bed time. This Christmas story book is a firm favourite that I picked up in Sainsburys. It is a lovely Christmas story with cardboardmovement throughout to engage your child to join in with the story.

Christmas Eve Story Book Family Clan

Christmas Activity Packs

I always pop to my local B&M Bargains or Home and Bargains, they always have bags of Christmas Activity Packs of activities to do which keep the kids entertained for an hour on Christmas Eve.

(will add pictures once I pick mine up when I go shopping) This elf hasn’t finished her Christmas shopping yet!

Haribo Sweets

Haribo Christmas Collection Family ClanThese Haribo giant tree sweets would be a lovely choice to add in the Christmas Eve Box keeping with the festive theme. Currently spotted them in my local Home and Bargains for 29p a pack.

Snowmen & Santa Milk Chocolate

I always get packets of mini chocolates and scatter them in their Christmas Eve Boxes. I got these from Home & Bargains for 79p each. They are Snowman & Santa milk chocolates. Chocolate coins were also available.

Christmas Eve Box Chocolates

Hot Chocolates – ‘Snowman Soup’

A special hot chocolate which can also be called ‘Snowman Soup’ will make a great choice of gift in a Christmas Eve box. You could get a small jar, add some hot chocolate inside, with marshmallows on the top and draw a snowman feature on the jar, for your very own snowman soup. Cheap and effective. All you will need to do when you are making your hot chocolate is add hot milk and you are complete!

It is pretty much tradition in our house to have this on Christmas Eve as we set up Santa’s milk & cookie and his reindeer’s carrot.

Giant Candy Cane in a Box

Jake and Grace love candy canes so when I saw these, in my local Home and Bargains, I had to get them! They are nicely presented in their box and will look lovely in a Christmas Eve Box.

Christmas Eve Box Chocolates Candy Canes

The Boxes

Need a bit of help on finding a box at an affordable price? There is a wide variety of Christmas Eve Boxes to buy, from wooden to cardboard. But if you have left it to late to order one, simply do what I have done!

I bought a brown box from my local Home and Bargains, and then gave it a couple layers of red paint and my lovely friend painted on Jake & Grace’s names for me.

Presented nicely inside are all the Christmas Eve gifts.


We hope that this Christmas Eve Box guide has been helpful for you and gave you a helping hand on what to put within them. What do you put in your Christmas Eve Boxes if you do them?

We hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve.

From all of us here at Family Clan, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Kelly Cooper

    Lots of good ideas, have never done a Christmas Eve box before.

  2. Alice

    Lots of great ideas on here. 🙂

  3. Sheena Read

    Full of ideas I would never have thought of.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Will have to start this tradition 2018
    Great ideas from you

  5. Zara Tenc

    This was really helpful- I bought the straws and they were a real treat! 🙂

  6. ashleigh allan

    Sounds great – we always do a Christmas book, Christmas dvd, Christmas pjs and some chocolate!

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