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Chilli Wizards started as a small start-up brand from Yorkshire and now they are on a mission to bring fantastic chilli products from around the globe to the nation.

After starting out nearly 5 years ago they have grown to become one of the UK’s largest chilli produce specialists with individual sales reaching over a 250,00 per year. Chilli Wizards are also in the top 1500 sellers on Amazon and still growing daily. Now a team of 10, they supply over 500 customers per day. Their sauces have made their way across Europe, to the Middle East and even Russia.

Chilli Wizards strive to provide exceptional products, propped up by outstanding customer service.

We were sent a selection of their Carolina Reaper products to see what we thought! The packaging of the products are great showing too just showing the full expression of the products from the off.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Buttons

They do say chilli and chocolate go well together, and I couldn’t agree more it is something I have always said so finding that Chilli Wizards do this combination with their own products is just fantastic!

These selection of 50g packets of chocolate buttons are white and milk chocolate and they also come in dark chocolate. The chocolate is a blend of high quality 80% chocolate and insane Carolina Reaper Chilli.

I found that the milk chocolate worked really well, yes they still had a kick as expected but they were nice. Whereas the white chocolate buttons, we found gave instant heat and seemed a lot more spicier than the milk chocolate.

The Carolina Reaper is the current world record holding chilli for heat. So if you think you are brave enough, give them a try, or perhaps a cheeky stocking filler.

They are available for a great price of £1.49 each

I am an avid chilli grower and have a variety of chillis growing throughout the year. I do enjoy trying a variety of flavours and including the chillis that I grown within my recipes especially in the curries I make.

Chilli Wizards Carolina Reaper Venom Chilli Sauce

When it comes to sauces, I have a big selection of chilli sauces, I do get wrong of the Mrs quite alot for the cupboard being so full of variety. But I do enjoy the tastes, the chilli’s that have kicks, some that are a great compliment to certain foods I seem to have a sauce for everything.

This Chilli Wizards Carolina Reaper Venom Chilli Sauce has got to be one of the best I have ever tried when it comes to spice. It has one heck of a kick and is one for a daring individual. If you enjoy chilli sauce then this is one for you to try.

I have had mine with crackers & cheese with some of this on top, and it was very enjoyable but yes it had a good kick. I also enjoyed the sauce with crisps as a dipping sauce.

You could taste the lemon & lime flavours and taste the acidity. The flavour was extremely nice until the heat just kicks you! I also mixed this into a garlic sauce to make it a more person friendly dip for when we had a house party, it went down well.

I made a homemade chilli con carne, and with just a tea spoon of this, it brought it nice and spicy.


Chilli Wizards do many more products such as – sauces, relish, pickles & jam, herbs/spices & seasonings, baking & cooking ingredients, sauce making, chilli pepper seeds and so much more!
You can see the wide range of products available on the website. These products would make excellent surprises for someone who think themselves as a Chilli Wizards King or Queen. You could now put them to the test to see if they still stand after trialing these!
Maybe you could even just treat yourself, you will be sure to find something to suit your taste buds.

Chilli Wizards products would make an excellent gift for someone who is a bit of a chilli-head like Daddy J. He is always growing the spiciest chillies, and wanting to try new ones. So these would be a welcomed gift and definitely something out of the ordinary for someone alike.

Chilli Wizards also have a website and sell a very wide range of chilli related products on their too with free delivery on orders over £50 you can view it Chilli Wizards website link

Our thoughts

We have been a fan of Chilli Wizards now for a long while, and their products are getting better and better. The quality is really high and service second to none. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Daddy J & Mummy H

3 Thoughts to “Chilli Wizards – The hot choice”

  1. lynn neal

    I like to add a little of this type of sauce to my homemade pasta sauce to add alittle kick!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    These sound HOT – haven’t tried them yet – sure Will be looking out for them

  3. Susan B

    Well, I will have to pluck up the courage to try their Venom flavour!

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