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Ahead of Chocolate Week which is happening this week what better time to try out some chilli chocolate and other chilli products by the lovely people over at Chilli Wizards over on Facebook.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Family Clan

So to celebrate chocolate week I thought we’re best off trying the Chilli Chocolate Orange bar first. This bar is 100g and has a sweet & spicy pleasure taste. It is hand crafted, dark chilli chocolate & orange bar with mild Syrian chilli flakes. Available here.

It really was a pleasure to try this, as a combination of two, they do say chilli and chocolate go well together, and I couldn’t agree more, using dark chocolate worked so well too!

We were also sent a great selection of other chilli products to see what we thought! The packaging is great each 80g packet nicely presented and they also have quite long expiry dates on them so you know they will last quite a while.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Family Clan

Ghost Pepper Super Hot Scratchings

This 80g pack of Super Hot Scratchings are made using some of the worlds hottest chilli’s.

Chilli Wizards pork scratchings are cooked in a small batches using only the finest ingredients. They have selected only the best pork rinds and the hottest chilli powder to create one hell of a tasty bag of moorishness. They were as spicy as they sound, I have grown Ghost Chilli’s before so I knew somewhat to expect, but these had a great kick!

These are the ultimate hot and spicy snack, so you will feel the burn! Available here.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Family Clan

Carolina Reaper Peanuts

This 80g pack of Carolina Reaper Peanuts are hand made by Chilli Wizards to make the perfect snack and flavoured to their own Louisiana Creole Seasoning recipe.
These Chilli Peanuts are created using nothing less than the world record holding Carolina Reaper.
Each and every peanut gets a generous coating of powder from the worlds hottest chilli pepper, and they really did have a good kick to them.
I love a good chilli and these were daring but went down a treat!  Available here.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Family Clan

Insane Ghost Pepper Peanuts

These insane Ghost Pepper Peanuts are coated with Chilli Wizards’ own ghost pepper chilli seasoning. The bag is 80g which is a great size to share as the bags are quite filled so plenty to share if you have friends round.

I’ve grown this type of chilli before, although very spicy I had the peanuts dipped in with some home made Naga chilli mayo, a great combination to them both. Available here.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Family Clan

Carolina Reaper Scratchings

This 80g bag looks very hot before I even started!
The Carolina Reaper Scratchings are hand cooked to a crispy texture then flavoured to their own reaper chilli recipe.

These are extremely hot but they were indeed very tasty scratchings and had a good crunch with them! Available here.

Chilli Wizards Chocolate Family Clan

Smokey Chipotle Chilli Peanuts

These peanuts have been generously coated with a Mexican Chilli Pepper Chipotle mix, having a few of these at one time you got the exploding flavors all in one, and they are very tasty.

This 80g bag was a nice happy-medium and something that can be managed much easier than the others. Available here.

And there’s more ….

Other items available to purchase are – sauces, relish, pickles & jam, herbs/spices & seasonings, baking & cooking ingredients, sauce making, chilli pepper seeds and so much more!
You can see the wide range of products available on the website. These products would make excellent surprises for someone who think themselves as a Chilli Wizards King or Queen. You could now put them to the test to see if they still stand after trialing these!
Maybe you could even just treat yourself, you will be sure to find something to suit your taste buds.

Chilli Wizards products would make an excellent gift for someone who is a bit of a chilli-head like Daddy J. He is always growing the spiciest chillies, and wanting to try new ones. So these would be a welcomed gift and definitely something out of the ordinary for someone alike.

Chilli Wizards also have a website and sell a very wide range of chilli related products on their too with free delivery on orders over £50 you can view it here

The links I have added alongside each product is for single packet items, if you were interest in buying more than singular packets they do discount prices for more as they also sell in bulk which can also be found on the website if you are to type in the search bar what you are looking for.

Mummy H & Daddy J


The lovely people over at Chilli Wizards have been kind enough to give you the chance to win a range of their chilli products.

One lucky winner will win a selection of snacks – Chipotle Peanuts, Ghost Peanuts, Reaper Peanuts, Ghost Pork Scratchings, Chocolate Bar, Fudge & a packet of chilli crisps. If you would like a chance to win, just enter the rafflecopter giveaway form below.

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