Chicken Balti Curry Recipe From Mummy H

Indi Grand Balti Curry Sauce

All I added was Fresh chicken, cubed or sliced About 4 peppers 2 onions mixed vegetables from freezer and two packets of”Indi Grand” Balti curry sauce left it in slow cooker in low

I bought the Indi Grand sauce from Home and Bargain at a great price of 2 packets for £1. I have used them as few times and have had no complains from any of the family members

I first added the chicken then the peppers, then onions and mixed veg, with the 2 packets of curry sauce scraped out. Left in slow cooker to cook on low


Chicken (cubed or sliced),

4 Peppers,

2 Onions,

Mixed veg,

2 sachets of “Indi Grand” Balti Curry Sauce

All cooked in a slow cooker

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti Curry

Cube or slice the chicken in to pieces about one inch or 2-3 cm in size, place in the slow cooker, add the sliced peppers, chopped onions & mixed veg, as you can see from the photo’s I used frozen mixed veg, but you could used whatever you have in.

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti CurryFamily Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti Curry


Add both sachets of the balti curry sauce, stir to cover with the sauce. Make sure you scrape out and rinse out the sachets as a lot of the sauce can be left behind.

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti CurryJust put it in to the slow cooker on low & leave it alone to do the cooking for 3 hours.

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti Curry

Serve it with rice and a naan bread and you have a cheap but delicious meal, that will feed 6 people.  Adjust the ingredients as you need to.

Hope you like this quick easy recipe. Let us know how much you enjoyed yours. Send us a photograph of your to, subject heading Balti Curry

Mummy H

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    This is fabulous for my brother
    Trying to entice him into using his slow cooker
    He’ll love this -so cheap too

  2. Martina Evans

    Trying to hint to my hubby that I want a slow cooker for Christmas so that I can make incredible meals like this! Would love to try this recipe though, the end result looks great =)

  3. Sarah Lewis

    This really does make me want to invest in a slow cooker.

  4. Lena Farell

    I’ve only recently really started to make use of my slow cooker so will definitely be giving this a try. 🙂

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