Charming Scents Collection from Yankee Candle

Charming Scents Collection from Yankee Candle

We all know Yankee Candle and how divine they are to have around the house, well now you can have the same aroma in your car. How fab is that!

Yankee Candle Car Accessory Family Clan

You can accessorise your car with this lovely bangle, locket and charm.

About Yankee Candle:        

The Yankee Candle Company Inc. is a leading manufacturer of scented candles and home fragrance products, with a 49 year heritage of producing distinctive fragrances.

Operating in more than 53 countries, Yankee Candle shares its customers’ passion for fragrance, capturing every season and special moment with true-to-life scents — from fresh spring blooms to festive Christmas traditions. The Company continues to not only develop new and vibrant fragrances but also find innovative and exciting ways for customers to enjoy those scents.

The headquarters of Yankee Candle Company Inc. are located in Massachusetts, USA, where the Company sells its products through a North American wholesale customer network, over 500 Company owned and operated retail stores, direct mail catalogues.

Yankee Candle expanded to Europe in 1999 when it opened its first distribution centre in Bristol, England, and Yankee Candle Company (Europe) Ltd. was born.

The UK’s first Yankee Candle retail store opened in 2002 and there are now more than 2000 stockists, retailers, outlets and concessions, alongside the online store.

Yankee Candle Car Accessory Family Clan

Charming Scents Bangle Collections

Available from Yankee Candle are these Charming Scents Bangle Collection, which are made to simply hook into your car to keep the fresh Yankee Candle smell everywhere you go. The scents are able to last up to 30 days. I love the range of scents that are available they are: Black Cherry, Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels, Midsummer’s Night, Pink Sands, Leather & Lemon Lavender. You can get refills for the lockets when you need. Talking of lockets they come in different types too. There is the geometric shape I chose,

Yankee Candle Car Accessory Family Clan

You can also get different charms as well as the Yankee Candle, I could pick a different one for every member of the family. They simply just pop on along side your charming scent, which I think gives a great personlised feel about it.

Yankee Candle Car Accessory Family Clan

My Thoughts

I love this in the car, as I don’t like things hanging from the mirror that can cause a distraction at the front. I have placed this in the middle of the car and it looks lovely, and smells amazing!

Yankee Candle Car Accessory Family Clan

I love the Clean Cotton scent I have got, it reminds me of the days when Mum used to dry the sheets on the outside line and they would be back on the bed by bed time, smelling so clean and fresh. I used to love it when my Dad made my bed, as he would do it like an army bed all tucked in tight. So tight I had to crawl in from the top. I felt so secure. They never seemed to keep me tucked in long though as I was a restless sleeper.

You can buy the Charming Scents Collection not only from Yankee Candles direct but also Amazon, and other car stockists.

Nanna Jane

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7 Thoughts to “Charming Scents Collection from Yankee Candle”

  1. Sharon Freemantle

    Good idea but not something I wouldn’t buy. The cost could really add up.

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    Oh wow, I love the look of these. And you’re right, the subtle appearance of them is ideal for use in the car; pretty, but not distracting.

  3. Susan B

    Things that smell lovely are a real treat. I had no idea that Yankee Candle produced this item.

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    I love Yankee candles, the melts as you say are divine, I’ve seen the candle shaped car agents but i haven’t seen these before, they are very pretty as well as smelling amazing xxx

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Haven’t seen this style yet – they look beautiful – perfect for Christmas gifts

  6. Rebecca Whatmore

    Really nice idea – great for Christmas presents

  7. Samantha O'D

    What a fab idea, i love yankee candles

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