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I found the Charles Clinkard website very easy to use, by hovering my mouse over the boys section and clicking Startrite in the drop down menu, it came up with a list of all the different shoes that they sell. I found their website very well set out and easy to use, very clear and no unwanted bits that clog it up. The prices are displayed under the pictures of each pair of shoes.

I sat with Jake and we went through the shoes, he instantly took a liking to the‘Tarantula Boys Infant School Shoes’, maybe because he’s a big fan of Spiderman and they have a spider on or just because he is interested in insects.

Startrite Tarantular ShoesThey are priced at £47
If you would like to purchase an item you just click on the shoes you would like and it shows you the basic details, all that you need! So these are Leather, textile lining and riptape (Velcro) fastening
you then select your size and foot width. I find that the Velcro fastening is very handy with young children that are not yet able to fasten laces, makes it fast and easy especially when they are in school
There are 4 pictures so you can view the shoe from different angles so you can be certain they are what you would like before purchasing.

Snow boot Start-rite
Jake’s second favourite from the Startrite selection was no surprise to me, he chose ‘Spider Snow Boys Boots’. He loves wearing wellies and his last pair of snow boots he treated the same as wellies, even in the ice frozen puddle, and fell flat on his bum because it didn’t splash and he skidded! We both really like these and at £29 I do believe is a good price for something that will keep you going over the winter and look like they have a fleecy material inside for the extra warmth in the colder weather. The unique style of the pirate spider is great and appeals to the right audience for the age that is supplied form size 5.5 to – 13 which is approx. age 2-6, and what 2-6 year old doesn’t like pirates or spiders!

Startrite Rex Roar Shoes

Jake’s final choice was the ‘Rex Roar Boys Canvas Shoes’ he really did like these, but knew they weren’t suitable to wear for school, but great for ‘going to the beach or the fair’ So in general these shoes are great for day to day wear, especially with dinosaurs on, which he loves. They are a very clean looking canvas shoe with dinosaurs on the top and on the sides and retail at £27. We do have a pair similar which he calls his ‘very fast shoes’ that won a gold medal for him at sports day in the summer when he was in nursery. I personally love these and think they will go great for summer with shorts and t-shirt, or even in winter with jumper and jeans. I do believe they pull off a good look all year round. Which is great as I have found out with having my daughter Grace, you need sandals in summer and warmer shoes for colder weather, were boys can pull a look off with 1 pair of shoes?

The website also has many other different brands that you can buy but a nice big section of Startrite shoes that are great for children’s feet.

They also have a sale section on their website with Startrite girl’s shoes starting from just £4.99 and boys from £7.99. Great prices and good quality for ever growing feet.

Mummy H and Jake

6 Thoughts to “Charles Clinkard Startrite Shoes”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Always important to get children the right shoes
    These sound great and keep up with trends to
    Thankyou for the informative review

  2. Martina Evans

    The Rex Roar Boys Canvas Shoes are super cute! I would love a pair for my boy, even though they’re kinda pricey I know he’ll love them.

  3. Pam Francis Gregory

    Love the boots – very funky!

  4. lizzyjanecooper

    Those dino shoes are sooo cute ! 😀

  5. Maya Russell

    I’m straight to the sale section! I really like Startrite shoes and thanks for the review of Charles Clinkard site.

  6. Sarah L

    Thanks for the post – very good prices!

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