Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel

Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel Review by Family Clan
Its Beautician Day so lets get celebrating with your little ones with Nail-a-Peel!
Let your little ones become the beauticians with these Nail-a-Peel kits where they can give themselves (or you) a 3D manicure!
Using new 3D nail technology, you can polish your nails in your choice of fun colours and then add 3D designs. To finish off the look add some nail décor! This Nail-a-Peel is a completely new, creative way to do your nails! The Rock Out theme nail kit provides a unique set of polishes and nail décor for you to take your 3D nail designs to the next level.

Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel Review by Family Clan

What’s in the Box?

With the Rock Out kit you can make 60+ nail designs!
Included within the box:-

3 gel polish tubes (pink, gold & black)
1 nail confetti tube
2 nail wheels
3 designer tips
2 brush applicators
3D gel tray
design template
nail stencils
foil tape
50 nail adhesives
Squeegee tool


How to use Nail-a-Peel

First you need to remove the cap from your nail polish tube and screw on your design tip. Next we needed to dollop a bit of gel onto the center of the nail we are wanting to design on. To make freestyle designs simply dip the applicator brush into the gel and apply a thin coat of gel to the nails on the nail disk. Allow the coat to dry and add base coats as desired. You can then draw designs over the base coat.

Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel Review by Family Clan

To use the 3D gel tray just trace the designs and fill them in and use the squeegee tool to level out.

Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel Review by Family Clan
Once dried you then use the supplied tweezers to gently lift out the designs from the tray. Adding your base coat to the nail you can then additionally add designs, decorations or confetti whilst the base coat is still wet, when you have finished designing allow the nails to dry.

Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel Review by Family Clan

Once dried, peel off a nail adhesive and place it on your nail repeating this process for all the nails. Peel off the top layer of the adhesive and place the newly designed nails over the adhesive to secure them to your nails.

With 50 nail adhesive supplied, the nails can be removed and used over and over again!

Grace loved the idea of designing her own nails, she is always wanting to paint my nails, so it is great that she has this kit to test and create new designs with.

Celebrate Beautician Day with Nail-a-Peel Review by Family Clan

Here Grace has used mostly black nail gel for all the nails, and used the 3D Nail-a-Peel tray designs to add onto the top. She is really chuffed with the results and says she can’t wait to wear her “Disco Nails” for Friday night when she goes to a local disco. I’ll add a photo of her wearing them later.

Beautician Day has fallen on such a bright sunny day and is a perfect day to get you and your little ones pampered, also perfect for a mummy and daughter girly night in. So grab the sweets, chocolate, bath bomb, hair brush & Nail-a-Peel kit and treat yourselves for a truly pampering beauty treatment.

Our Thoughts

We have really enjoyed the Nail-a-Peel kit, and had such a lovely time together whilst we did this. Grace was so excited to get started when she seen the box, as we have reviewed Gel-a-Peel in the past, but this new Nail-a-Peel kit has equally been lots of fun too! You can purchase Nail-a-Peel Rock Out Kit on Amazon.

You can see more about Nail-a-Peel on their social media sites.

Instagram ­ @gel_a_peel_uk
Twitter – @GelapeelUK

Mummy H and Grace

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  1. Samantha O'D

    My daughter is into nail art

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Ooo la la – dont know who will have more fun – me or the girls – we’ll have to see – great fun

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