CBeebies Peter Rabbit Books Review

CBeebies Peter Rabbit

We have been sent 3 CBeebies Peter Rabbit books for us to review.

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As soon as Jake saw the books, when he came home from nursery, he was jumping around shouting ‘ Peter Rabbit is on Cbeebies’, singing the nursery rhyme “Little Peter Rabbit” then started hopping! Fair to say, I think he likes Peter Rabbit.

CBeebies Peter Rabbit Happy Christmas Book Review

The first book we read was the CBeebies story “Happy Christmas”. A really lovely story, where Peter Rabbit, Benjamin and Lily head off to start buying Christmas presents for them to deliver on Christmas Eve. A sledging accident happens, but all the team and some squirrels work together to make a new sledge so they can deliver presents and it will be the best Christmas yet!
We really enjoyed the book. I love that it was hardback and laminated cardboard effect so my 1 year old, Grace, sat with it and I wasn’t scared about her ripping pages, she just ended up opening it and putting it on her head! Lovely picture work in the book and my son enjoyed it being read to him.

The Peter Rabbit Club Book Review

We then read “The Peter Rabbit Club” another lovely story of Peter, Lily and Benjamin wondering what to do that day, then decided to create a club, but were unsure on what to call it. In the meantime 3 villains Mr Tod, Old Brown and Tommy Brock were in the woods hatching a plan wanting to catch the rabbits once and for all. They trap the rabbits …until their own plan backfires on them and they get trapped themselves… the rabbits escape back to their tree house and decide to call their club “The Peter Rabbit Club!”

Another addition to this book was that it also has an image in the back of their “Secret Clubhouse” which shows their Escape hatch, Emergency radish stash…. . 

Great little addition to the book which my little explorer loves. The book also shows how we can build our own clubhouse by using chairs for the frame, sheets and pillows. Such a lovely addition to make it seem more special to join in Peter Rabbits Clubhouse, but at home. And another great addition had a “The Peter Rabbit Club Member’s Certificate” which we can fill in at the back page of the book, signed by Peter Rabbit himself!

Peter Rabbit Secret Treehouse Sticker Book Review

The last book of the collection is Secret Treehouse Sticker Book, which has over 150 stickers! Firstly we had to identify the shadows of the club friends and replace with the correct stickers over the top, which also have a character description underneath about 4 characters, Peter, Benjamin, Lily and Squirrel Nutkin then a space to add an image of “you” in which Jake has attempted to draw an image of himself with a purple head!

Peter Rabbit Colouring Book Review


There are lots of pages, all including different activities like colouring in, reading a story and sticking on images to match the story, adding  “watch out” stickers on a map to show Peter and his friends where to avoid dangerous villains!


Peter Rabbit Colouring Book    I loved his machine ‘invention’ he made with these stickers; we had really great fun with this task and was really happy to be awarded his Imagination Badge.

Peter Rabbit Machine Invention

We have absolutely loved this sticker book and it was lovely family time we had together.
I love this selection of books and so pleased that we could review them as we have thoroughly enjoyed them as a family.

The books retail at £4.99 each and the sticker book at £3.99. Pretty good price and they would be lovely if they were given as a Christmas gift, as they are so well presented, after all who doesn’t like Peter Rabbit, one for all ages!

You can purchase the book from Amazon via the links below
Peter Rabbit: Happy Christmas!
Peter Rabbit: The Peter Rabbit Club
Peter Rabbit: Secret Treehouse Sticker Book

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Mummy H

Although we was sent the books to review with no charge, the views are our honest opinion.

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  1. susan smith

    Beautiful books stories from Peter Rabbit are timeless

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    Wonderful review, My son loves these books and I love reading them to him!

  3. Gina M

    I loved Peter Rabbit and Beatrice Potter as a child and I love that my daughter now enjoys watching the remake on CBeebies. These books look lovely too.

  4. Laura F

    My son saw these in a shop recently and really wanted one.

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    Beautiful books and wonderful review!

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    Sound like a lovely set of books

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    Beautiful books we love peter rabbit xx

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