Capture the Flag Game Review

Capture The Flag Game Review Family Clan Blog

Capture the Flag Game 

We have been asked to play Capture the Flag to work along side Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief book by the author Rick Riordan.

The Capture the Flag game is aimed at children, I would say from approx 6 plus upwards.

Capture the Flag is suited for large amount of players ideally starting from around five or more players in a team and more the better. Each team has a flag, which they first need to hide before the game begins, then protect it for the remainder of the game from the other team.
Ideally this game should be played in a forested/wooded area or something with lots of corners and hiding spaces. It would be much more fun than an open field, where you could easily see your opponent coming.

Each team will go looking for the other teams flag, whilst still having to protect their own. If the opposite team member finds you and tags you then you have to be sent to their ‘jail’. The only way you can get out of their jail is if one of your own team mate comes and tags you out without being caught them self. Once your own team mate tags you, you are free from jail.
The winners of the game will be the team who finds and collects the other teams flag and brings it back into own territory.

Family Clan Game

As Jake and Grace are only 5 and 2, they didn’t fully understand the rules, so I made them a bit simpler

Capture the Flag Game Family Clan Blog
Grace covering her eyes so she can’t be seen.

for them. I made the rules so Grace’s aim was to go and try and get Jake’s ball, where as Jake had to go and get Graces ball running from garden to garden and through the house, lots of places to hide from each other.

We used balls as our ‘flags’ and they made their own little den to protect the balls. Grace made her den behind the washing, that was hanging on the line to hide behind and Jake in the other garden had blocked himself, using the garden chairs and slide, making sure he could protect his ball.

Capture the Flag Game Family Clan Blog (1)
Jake hiding his ‘flag’.






We played this many times over, with it only being the two of them the games didn’t last long, but there was lots of giggles and running.


Our Thoughts

A team game for summer fun, adventure activity weekends and even for terrific enjoyable summer action in your own neighbourhood based on the game played at Camp Half-Blood in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief book by Rick Riordan.

The original Capture the Flag game sounds great fun to play, especially with the lovely warm sunny days we are having at the moment. So get organising a game for your children and their friends, better for them than sitting in front of a computer game or the TV.

You can purchase Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief book by Rick Riordan on Amazon.

Capture the Flag game is excellent exercise and building social skills.

Mummy H

5 Thoughts to “Capture the Flag Game Review”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds a lot of fun. Good to keep the kids occupied

  2. Maya Russell

    Sounds like a fun game we can play in the woodland.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Was hoping to do something along these lines today -unfortunately our great British weather won’t let me

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I’m in the North West of England and it’s been glorious today. So sorry you haven’t had the sunshine. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. xx

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds perfect for 3 of my nephews -they are 9 5 and 4 -might have to change the rules like you did
    Certainly better than the tv

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