Giveaway: The Camouflage Company Cam’pouch

Camouflage Company Cam'pouch review Family Clan

The Camouflage Company Cam’pouch

I’ve just received the Cam’pouch to review from the Camouflage Company, I just know it’s going to be a handy little pouch for me for everything! I can use it for my crochet, weekend away makeup & travel size toiletries! I love the Botanical material that it comes in but also wouldn’t mind it in Indie Chic pattern too. Maybe I could use one for crafting and one for toiletries.

The top half is a soft body that can be folded down and then it also can stand up without everything falling out which is great for my crochet and grabbing the bits I need without rummaging! The bottom half is a hard body with an elasticated front, giving you lots of room and means you can see everything clearly that you’ve popped inside.

Camouflage Company Cam'pouch review Family Clan

I love the fact I can fit so many hooks and accessories inside, close it up and off I go. Perfect for when we are travelling to visit one of the family. I love crocheting (with a larger hook) when we are travelling as it makes the time got faster and I don’t feel like I’m wasting the time just sitting there looking through the car windows. It’s great to take a blanket that is underway or a project that doesn’t need to much concentration. I do find I can’t do difficult patterns whilst travelling. Do you crochet or knit whilst on a journey?

There is also a handy little pocket on the inside that could store the smaller things like stitch markers or pins. If you are going to keep your make up / toiletries in it would be handy for smaller items, cotton buds, nail clipper, tweezers etc. Then you can just fold the top back up, zip it up and off you go. Oh it can be wiped clean so easily too.

I think the Camouflage Company has come up with a great idea with the Cam’pouch, it can have so many uses.


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117 Thoughts to “Giveaway: The Camouflage Company Cam’pouch”

  1. Amanda Tanner

    My cosmetics as they aren’t scattered everywhere

  2. amy lie bondoc

    id use it as a make up bag….its very pretty x

  3. Georgie Wright

    I’d keep my make up & hand cream in it to stop them rolling around in the bottom of my bag. It’d be useful for switching bags and to stand out in front of the mirror when it’s touch up time!

  4. sallyanne rose

    i would keep this in my car for all the odds and ends i have laying about

  5. Candyfloss

    I’m changing roles at work and won’t have a desk anymore. This would help me to make all my ‘necessities’ *clutter* portable. (Angela Kelly)

  6. Elizabeth Smith

    I’d use it to keep the clicker, target stick, treats and targets for when I do clicker training for the dogs so I know I can just pick it up and start

  7. Elizabeth Sorsby

    I’d use it for my makeup in my handbag as that’s my camouflage!

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