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Cake Angels – Heavenly Creations

The cake decoration specialists!

From brand new Glossy Mirror Glaze to fantastic Popping Candy Sprinkles, the best way to treat your mum this Mother’s Day is with a homemade treat… baked with love, right?

We were sent some samples for Jake and Grace to get stuck into by making their very own Mothers Day cakes and to decorate them with these fantastic Cake Angels products.

So we made two lovely cakes for Jake and Grace to decorate and one larger one for us all to share.

I made the cakes and waited to cool. Then placed them on the side and collected Jake and Grace from school so when they got home they were presented with these awaiting their creativity!

With a middle layer of jam these already look so delicious. I gathered out the Cake Angels heavenly goodness range and let Jake and Grace choose what to do first.

Cake Angels review by Family Clan


They both chose to make the top layer with the lemon & chocolate frosting first. To use these all I needed to do was just put them in some hot water to soften the inside, they were already pretty soft so I just left them for about a minute and screwed on the nozzle top and they were instantly ready to use.Cake Angels review by Family ClanCake Angels review by Family Clan


The frosting did quite a tidy job and when you are finished you can put the lid back on them and store. Jake and Grace both took it in turns watching each other create. Cake Angels frosting range is available at Sainsbury’s and online at – priced at RRP £2.99 for 300g.

Cake Angels review by Family Clan

Next they chose to put the Cake Angels toppings on. They had a choice of Popping Candy, Zillionaire, Super Sours, Fruity Cubes & rainbow. As you can see, they let loose and really did get creative and I think they have done a great job!

Cake Angels review by Family ClanCake Angels review by Family Clan

Cake Angels Popping Candy, Super Sours, Rhubarb and Custard, Rainbow and Zillionaire sprinkles are available at Sainsbury’s, Lakeland, and  RRP £1.50 – £1.99

Cake Angels review by Family Clan

We also received two packs of 10 Flower Power edible roses, as you can see they are very high quality made and look amazing that give the wow effect! Priced at £1.75 each

Jake and Grace have had so much fun decorating their very own cakes and got very creative as you can see!


Cake Angels review by Family ClanNext we got onto decorating the larger cake. I first covered it with the Cake Angels glossy mirror glaze.


This was really easy to use, I took off the lid, and placed into the microwave for 30 seconds, but every 10 seconds I would take it out and mix. After 30 seconds it was smooth and runny. Perfect for putting onto our cake.

I used just a tea spoon to help me with this part.

Using it I slowly poured the glaze onto the cake and used the tea spoon to spread across over the top over the cake and around the sides, this was so easy to do, yes of course it was messy, but it was easy and was done in no time. Jake and Grace were eager to get started on decorating this cake too. So when I had finished with the glaze, they then decorating the larger cake with some more of the toppings using a variety of everything, the messier the better right?!

This time round we managed to empty the popping candy tub, and nearly all the fruity cubes, but the other tubs are still half full after decorating three cakes. Each single tub really does seem to go a long way.

So here it is, the final masterpiece, isn’t it wonderful!!!

Cake Angels review by Family Clan


Cake Angels would make a great alternative to a Mothers Day present. Many of their range is available within Sainsburys and they can be something that mum could help make and spend time with her children, or maybe even get the children to make a cake as a surprise! The products are very easy to use so I think they would be perfect.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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3 Thoughts to “Cake Angels – Cake decorating fun!”

  1. Carla Carthy

    awe they did a great ob and sooooo much fun 🙂

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    What a treat ! Great fun too – i know my neices would love to decorate with these

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    They did a great job. The mirror glaze sounds fab

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