Busy couple of weeks ahead

Granddad Al & I have a busy week ahead with hospital visits most days.


Starting with me seeing my haematologist on Monday 30th June, to find out why I am producing six times the amount of white blood cells than I should be, have to admit to be being a bit scared of this as things wrong with your blood is seem pretty serious to me.  But hopefully he will sort me out & at least tell me why I am producing all the little cells.

1st July Tuesday. I have to have an ultra sound scan on my upper tummy to see if there is anything obstructing my tubes & causing me to have excess acid.  I’m usually up 3-4 times a night taking Gaviscon or having mints  to try & ease it.

3rd July Thursday.  Granddad Al is having an ECG to check everything is OK as he keeps going dizzy, even when he is sat down in a chair.

5th July Saturday.  Liverpool Broad Green Hospital for Granddad Al to have a heart scan to make sure nothing it blocked & there is no build up of calcium around his heart cavity.

Family meal out to celebrate Granddad Al & Nanna Jane’s Wedding Anniversary.25 years

7th July Monday. It is our Silver Wedding Anniversary today. 25 years since we said I do in Chorley registry office. My Limousine was our VW Camper van that had seen better day & was multi coloured, originally orange & white but had a blue back door, & silver/grey panels down the side, not to mention the rust that held it together but she was washed & polished as best we could. The only thing I regret about the day was not getting a photographer, to be honest we couldn’t afford one, my brother offered to take photo’s but most of them have heads chopped off or half of people, but the day was really special & sped by. Followed by two nights in the Lake District for our honeymoon.


Time for my pre op assessment to make sure I’m fit & healthy also to have an MRSA screening test to make sure I’m not carrying the bug.  I had this test a few weeks ago when I was in Southport Hospital, its simple, just two long cotton bud swabs, one goes up your nose & the other is swiped down the side of your groin. Its simple & nothing to worry about.

9th July Wednesday. Granddad Al’s turn again, he is to have a Stress test which is basically have little probes attached to you with stickers & then asked to jog/run on a tread mill.  Last time he managed a whole six minutes before they stopped him as his blood pressure had shot up so high it was to high to continue. They made him sit down & wait over three quarters of an hour before they was happy he wasn’t going to have a heart attack or a stroke!

11th July Friday. My big day!!! Today I have an operation on my left knee that will hopefully ease or even eliminate the pain I am getting from it.  You can read more about my knee operation here.


14th July Monday. Great Nanna Dolls 83rd birthday. My Mum will be 83 years young, hopefully I will be OK to take her for a meal at lunchtime.


Told you it was busy, this is what it is usually like for me with lots of hospital visits, I also need to make an appointment to see the optician, to check on how bad my cataracts are & maybe see about them being removed.  I got cataracts due to all of the steroids I have to take to keep my lungs right & functioning. It is just a side affect like the way they make you go up dress sizes too!

Have you got anything planned in the next few weeks, do leave me a post to tell me.

Enjoy the lovely weather we are having.

Nanna Jane

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