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Bunny Jump Game

Grace recently has been using magazines in school to cut out items that she would like for her birthday and sticking them onto a piece of paper and bringing this selection home. Well it just so happens that she had cut out Bunny Jump game.

A week later we was asked to review this game, and of course I said yes, to Grace’s surprise this was waiting for her one day after school ready to play. She was greatly surprised.

Bunny Jump from University Games is the exciting catch-the-bunny game that is aimed at age 5+. This is perfect for Grace and Jake and they are five and eight.

The cute little bunny is sitting guarding his carrots all day. Can you pull the carrots from the field without making the bunny jump?!

How to play Bunny Jump

The contents of the box:-

4x coloured baskets
12x Carrots

First we needed to set up the game. We inserted the carrots into the wholes in the field, then added the bunny to the top pushing down securing into position.

Each player now selects their coloured basket they would like.

Youngest player takes their turn first by spinning the spinner to determine the outcome of their turn.

The spinner has four outcomes –
Pull 1 carrot
Pull 2 carrots
Miss a Turn
Bad Luck – The rabbit eats 1 of your carrots, remove 1 from your basket and place to the side.

You need to try and avoid frightening the Bunny who is sat safely on top of his burrow, while pulling out carrots from his field!

Watch out as one of the carrots will make the bunny jump into the air and everyone needs to try and catch it.

The end of the game is when the bunny jumps out of the field. The player who collects the most carrots when the game ends is the winner.

Our Thoughts

Bunny Jump has been a great game to play, quick and fun game that has kept Jake and Grace entertained over and over again.

We would highly recommend this game and I would say it could also be suited for younger players too if playing as a family.

The game is suited for 2-4 players and we had 3 players and this worked really well. Bunny Jump is available from Amazon

Mummy H, Jake & Grace


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    My favourite vegetable is brocolli i love the looka nd the taste and i will lierally add it to as many dishes as i can

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    My favourite vegetable is the calabash as it has very good mental (and hair) health benefits.

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    Potatoes – lots of varieties and different things to do with them

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    Onions, they’re the base of lots of dishes from curries to pasta

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    spinach with garlic and butter. Great on a Fiorentina pizza

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    Got to be the onion, it can be used in loads of meals hut my favourite way of eating onion got to be a cheese and onion sandwich.

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    Peppers and swede so yummy and do good for the body

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