Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops


Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

We have been sent Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops to review by What2Buy4Kids. Upon receiving the product I was very impressed at quality of the packaging, and how it was presented.

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

The Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops arrive in a cardboard sleeve which you can slide off, then you are presented with a cardboard box which lifts to open.

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

What’s Inside?

Inside is the chocolate coloured tissue paper:-

250g Milk Chocolate

2 Strips of Bumblebee Transfers

8 Lollipop Sticks, Bags and Ties

Recipe card

Whats great is that you don’t have to purchase additional items, everything for making the Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops are included in the box all you need is general kitchen items to help you.


How to make our Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops

Melt the chocolate in your microwave for approx 50 seconds, mix, then back in for another 20 seconds then mixing, making sure all the chocolate is fully melted, adding additionally 10 seconds a time if not fully melted.

Prepare the transfer sheets by laying it on a tray which will fit in the fridge, we used the chopping board!

So now we are to make sure the rough side of the transfer sheets are facing up so the bees will come out on our lollies once the chocolate has set.

Using a table spoon we dolloped the chocolate onto the transfer sheets (approx 2 tablespoons make the perfect size) you can fit 4 lollies per sheet.

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

Next we put the lolly sticks into the chocolate and twist to coat the stick all around in the lolly.

If you’re wanting to get really creative you can sprinkle your favourite treats such as Smarties, marshmallows, crumbled biscuits or any other of your favourite sweets you love onto the chocolate lollies before they set.
So this is what Grace chose to do, she wanted to add marshmallows onto her lollies, and they look fabulous!

Set the lollies by leaving them at room temperature for 15 minutes, then we transferred them into the fridge for a further 30 minutes.

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

After waiting the 30 minutes we took them out of the fridge and the lollies just came straight up off the transfer and left a smooth shiny finish. So either side is now designed with bumblebees and marshmallows.

Wrap your newly made lollies using the bags and ties which are included in the kit. You now have 8 cute bumblebee lollies to share! Grace and Jake chose to share one each with their chosen friend at school which was a lovely surprise for them!

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

The Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops were so easy to make, and ready in no time, and I must say the chocolate was high quality and tasted delicious!

I love how cute these are, everything that is left over when you have finished can be recycled leaving us no waste (apart from the chocolate which Grace and Jake enjoying scraping out the last of the chocolate from the bowl).

Check out the What2Buy4Kids website for more great ideas.

Mummy H, Jake and Grace.

Have you seen our giveaways? There is something for everyone!

EXTRA Grace had a great time getting the last of the chocolate out of the bowl!

Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops review by Family Clan

6 Thoughts to “Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops”

  1. Denielle Nicol

    These look sooooooo yummy!! Dxx

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    They look like lots of fun, my children would love making and eating them xx

  3. Leila

    Great lollipops. Remind me of my son liking the bowl. ?

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    This looks a great set. My kids would love making them

  5. Sidrah Ahmed

    This is lovely my kids would love this

  6. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Sold to me !!…..
    That was even before I saw Grace licking the bowl
    Great way to have fun

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