Building Bridges with Jake in School

Building Bridges with Jake

This morning I was invited into the school with Jake and his class friends to create a bridge.

Yesterday Jake has made a design on the computer that we would then recreate today.

He had chosen to do the Northern Spire Bridge which opened at the end of August last year in Sunderland.

Northern Spire Bridge
Northern Spire Bridge Image from Sunderland Echo Website

We drove past this in the October after visiting the Sunderland Illuminations, and today, we had the chance to recreate this.

Northern Spire Bridge recreation

We used circular ended wood for the legs, chopped to equal sizes. Jake was a pro at this as he’s used the saw a few times in the garden at home to saw wood for the log burner in our garden.

To the centre of the bridge we used 2 pieces of wood, glued together repeating for both peaks.

Then to recreate the wire/string look we used thinner pieces of wood and glued into shape. This took us just 1 hour and both very pleased with the results.

Northern Spire Bridge recreation

I do believe now that he has got to create a road for it. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Mummy H & Jake

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10 Thoughts to “Building Bridges with Jake in School”

  1. Gaynor Vincent

    Excellent bridge Jake, enginnering skills are key to the futue – good job!

  2. Rachel Craig

    Nice opportunity for you all to share. Well Done!

  3. Alice Colling

    Well done , what a great project!

  4. Charles Fletcher

    What a great bridge, bet this was great fun to make.

  5. Leah Finch

    very creative

  6. A S,Edinburgh

    Great work! It looks like really good fun, too. What an inspiring educational activity.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Amazing how much teaching has moved on – great effort – well done jake

  8. debbieskerten

    It’s really good. Well done both of you.

  9. Susie Wilkinson

    It’s great when they get a chance to do things like this, it seems that they do so much more academic studies these days for the SATS, we did lots of arts and crafts when I was a school, and it’s fun, but educational too!

  10. Laura Wheatley

    This looks fab! great work. My daughter would love to do something like this in school

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