Brita Fill & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle

Brita Fill & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle

You know we love our Brita water filter bottles after our last review on the Brita Fill & Go Active, so when they came back and asked if we would like to review another one for Father’s Day you can bet we said yes.

This time we was sent the Fill & Go Vital water filter bottle. It is a great handy bag size for work or play holding 0.6 litres of water. I find it useful for taking to the park when out with the grandchildren, a great size for travelling in the car – no driving of course.

The filter will work for four weeks or 150 litres of water. So no changing the filter every week. It’s been fine for me so far. The water tastes deliciously clean. No nasty chemical taste that we do get from our tap water as a rule. I drink a lot of water during the day and having this nice clean water is encouraging me to have more instead of a cup of tea.

Brita Fill & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle Review Family Clan

We should all drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I probably do that in coffee and tea alone, but I also drink lots of water to always make sure I’m hydrated. I like to keep my liquid in take up so it flushes out any nasty toxins that can build up if you don’t.

I hate buying bottled water, not just because of the cost, but also because it takes a lot of energy to make that one bottle – we always recycle of course, but using a filter is going to save me not just money, but carbon foot print too. Just think this one bottle will take the place of 150 litre bottles I would have purchased. That’s a lot of plastic and money saved!

The lid also comes in lime green and pink as well as the cool blue. This would make a great gift for Father’s Day, you can purchase it on Amazon

I’m loving my new Brita Fill  & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle. Where would you use yours?

Nanna Jane


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    Poor man’s wine aka water – Never used to drink it, that is until I collapsed with the Norovirus (had it twice in a short period!), and been drinking it ever since and hardly anything else. Ice cold is best as I find it very refreshing.

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