Brio World Police Transport Set

Brio World Police Transport Set

Brio Transport Set review Family Clan

We have received a Brio World Police Transport Set to review

Upon receiving this Brio World Police Transport Set Jake was chuffed to bits! He really loves trains and is always playing with his train sets he has, so he couldn’t stop smiling!

The Police Transport Set is aimed at ages 3+ and the quality is really strong so you know it will last with your little children playing for hours! It’s great for imaginative play.

This is a perfect set for your little one, there are many different Brio sets which you can buy additional which will all connect on to this tracks to make your own Brio World! We love our little wooden train set that Jake got for his 1st birthday and they connect together brilliantly.

Brio World Police Transport Set Family Clan



Contents of the box

  • Information booklet
  • Police Train and its tender
  • 2 Figures
  • Crane which you can manually load the gold into the back of the tender as its magnetic
  • Level crossing
  • 2 ramps
  • 8 Track pieces




The information booklet inside shows you a large range of other Brio World sets you can also purchase along side the Police Transport Set. They all look amazing and when Jake was looking through he just kept saying ‘Oh wow’, the booklet clearly showing you the age range which each set is appropriate for. They really do look so good!

Brio World Police Transport Set Family Clan

We simply connected the track pieces together copying the  image on the box and then we were set to play. Jake and Grace really love playing with this and play nicely together helping each other move the train around the tracks. They used the two figures, Grace being the Police Man and Jake being the Thief trying to steal the gold from the tender! We then connected our wooden train tracks we have to make it a bigger track for the Thief to escape with the gold, they had plenty of giggles as they played this!

The level crossing has the barriers on each side that you manually lift up and down, and the ramps either side for a road. Jake has added his own cars to play along as a road.

Jake has become a big lover of level crossings ever since we walked across one when we went to visit Nanna Jane and Grandad Al in May. He was so interested in how they work by stopping the traffic so our train that we traveled on could go through. After getting off the platform we walked out of the station and the barriers were still down so we stopped and waited at the level crossing for the barrier to go back up and he loved it! We actually spent the car journey after talking all about the trains we had been on that day and he mentioned the level crossing quite a few times!

Our Thoughts

This set is RRP £29.99 and is an ideal set for a birthday present or that special gift, knowing that it will be a set that gets played with alot and be used for many years and I can’t fault the quality of the set at all.

It can be purchased from Amazon and all good toy stockists.

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Brio World Police Transport Set”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    I love wooden toys. This looks a lovely set

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks like a fun set, wooden toys always last longer too xxx

    1. Nanna-Jane

      It’s really good quality. Jake loves it.


    This would go down a storm in our house too
    Ethan would love it

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