BRIO World – Airport with Control Tower

 BRIO World – Airport with Control Tower

Good play is essential for children to develop their full potential. That is all the inspiration BRIO needs to help children discover the world and themselves in a joyful and safe way.
With their toys, they follow every step of childrens’ development. It should be fun to grow up.
Step by step, smile by smile.

BRIO which I’m sure you have heard of, are a heritage brand that is over 130 years old. They specialise in high quality wooden products suitable from 0 to 99 years! All BRIO wooden toys are made from FSC certified wood which means its traceable and originates from responsible Forestry.

Jake and Grace could not wait to get this open! They have never been on an airplane but have asked many times if they could go on one so having their very own BRIO airplane alongside airport is fantastic to make their minds explore.
BRIO World - Airport with Control Tower review by Family ClanBRIO World - Airport with Control Tower review by Family Clan
It’s time to take to the skies, up, up and away! This BRIO World Airport and Control Tower playset lets your little one get in control of everything on the ground and in the air.
 BRIO World
This set is a great addition to other BRIO World sets, this Airport with Control Tower meets up to the same great standard as other BRIO products, it has a terminal, red airplane with lift up door, a complete baggage handling system with two airport staff figures and landing light. You can also connect your other BRIO World sets onto this by the train tracks that are connected onto the airport.
With all this activity, the bird’s-eye view from the top of tower really does come in handy. The top of the Control Tower lifts off allowing your child to insert their airport staff to keep watch over their BRIO World.
BRIO World - Airport with Control Tower review by Family Clan
The airport terminal is very high quality with every bit of attention to detail paid. The more detail the better for the child’s imagination to help grow.
BRIO World - Airport with Control Tower review by Family Clan
This BRIO World Airport with Control Tower also has a working baggage system, the set allows you to add your bag and then you turn the dial on the side of the control tower and this then lowers or rises your baggage up to the loading bay and down the slide ready for your luggage to be loaded onto the airplane.
BRIO World - Airport with Control Tower review by Family Clan
Simply add your own BRIO wooden railway track to play, (or any other wooden railway track should also connect) and make tracks to endless destinations. The all new BRIO products are designed with shapes and functions that can easily be used with previous models.
These sets are suitable for children 3+ and just as their other products, these are also manufactured to BRIO’s high standards.
Using with other BRIO rail sets will boost your childs’ fun and imaginative playtime. A childs’ mind can explore everything with the right tools to do so.
You can see the range of BRIO products on their website here.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “BRIO World – Airport with Control Tower”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    Very cool. I love the plane, and the fact that it links up to other toys.

  2. Lynn Hughes

    Love this brand

  3. Alice Gilkes

    I used to love things like this when I was a kid.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Love this brand so robust and always fun

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