BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown Toy

BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown


Good play is essential for children to develop their full potential. That is all the inspiration BRIO needs to help children discover the world and themselves in a joyful and safe way.
With their toys, they follow every step of childrens’ development. It should be fun to grow up.
Step by step, smile by smile.
BRIO are a heritage brand that is over 130 years old. They specialise in high quality wooden products suitable from 0 to 99 years! All BRIO wooden toys are made from FSC certified wood which means its traceable and originates from responsible Forestry.
BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown review by Family Clan
A happy and colourful clown to lift your mood!
BRIO’s classic wooden stacking toy from 1955 teaches ordering, colours and focus. With its retro look and original design, this durable and safe toy is the perfect playmate for all toddlers!

I think the BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown is a great product. Not only can children use their own imagination, they can use their hand-eye coordination to pick and place the rings onto the wooden pole. Jensen is a little to young to use this toy in the correct way, however the BRIO Colourful Clown Stacker is a toy that will grow with him as he is starting to reach and hold his toys and the stacking rings are great to help his eye develop and focus on the bright colours. We have enjoyed watching Jensen reach out to grab these rings from me, and firmly holding them in his hands.

BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown review by Family Clan

The BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown will also teach him the different colours when he is older. At 12 month+ Jensen will be able to take off and stack up the colours in the correct way. It is also good for learning to count in the older age. Counting each block as they go on.

Logan aged four loved the BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown, he has enjoyed taking them off and placing them back on. He then turned the whole thing upside down and he was shocked that it was still standing and sounded very excited to tell me!
BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown review by Family Clan
Logan also challenged me by putting the blocks on the pole in any way and asked me “if it’s right or wrong” I re asked him and he said it was wrong and that a few blocks where in the wrong place comparing the picture from the box. He spent a long time playing with BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown and enjoyed showing Jensen the colour how they stack.

My Thoughts

I have really enjoyed watching Logan and Jensen play with the BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown together, the pieces are very high quality and will last for a very long time and can see that these would be toys we would put away for them to give to their children when they are older as they are very well made so will stand the test of time.

Suitable for ages 12 months+ you can see the BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown on the BRIO website and many more of their products.

We have reviewed Brio toys before, we love the bus and train station, airport with control tower and world police transport set. We love Brio and their toys have stood the test of time.

Mummy E, Logan & Jensen

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4 Thoughts to “BRIO Colourful Stacking Clown Toy”

  1. ashleigh allan

    This looks great – I love wooden toys – brio ones are great!

  2. LeAnn Harbert

    My granddaughters would enjoy playing with this.

  3. sarahjane24carter

    My nephew has one of these he loves it x

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Love these – certainly do last – your pictures are so cute too – jensen is growing so fast

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