BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle Review

Good play is essential for children to develop their full potential. That is all the inspiration BRIO needs to help children discover the world and themselves in a joyful and safe way.
With their toys, they follow every step of childrens’ development. It should be fun to grow up.
Step by step, smile by smile.
Did you know BRIO are a heritage brand that is over 130 years old. They specialise in high quality wooden products suitable from 0 to 99 years! All BRIO wooden toys are made from FSC certified wood which means its traceable and originates from responsible Forestry.

BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle

BRIO Cogwheel puzzle review by Family Clan 2
What makes the wheels go round and round? You will soon find out. Match the right cog to the right shape. It’s fun, easy – let’s go!

We love BRIO and know their products are all high quality and are made to last. Their products could be passed down generations and still stay strong. We have been send this BRIO Cogwheel puzzle for review, and Logan couldn’t wait to show is younger brother Jensen!

Whats in the BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle box?

There is a blue wooden board featuring brightly coloured stumps which is you will place cogs on.
There are nine cogwheels within the box which are three different colours, blue, red and green.
As you can see from my picture each of the coloured cogs have a triangle, square and circle shape in the middle and one of each colour has a knob on top to be grasped by your child to help turn. To start all we needed to do was place any of the cogs on the coloured stumps one after another.
BRIO Cogwheel puzzle review by Family Clan
Logan spotted the shapes in the middle instantly and was eager to start placing these on the wooden board to see how the BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle would work.
BRIO Cogwheel puzzle review by Family Clan 2
You can place the cogs anywhere onto the board, they just simply fit onto the top of the wooden stump, after you have placed your cogs into position, turn the cogs by the knob on top and watch the colours spin, one cog turns all!

Our Thoughts

I think the BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle is brilliant for children to match up and learn about the different shapes and colours. It is also good for hand-eye co-ordination and learning how to make the cogs go round.
This toy will grow with Jensen, Logan has really enjoyed this and was very happy to see Jensen watching what he was doing and watching the colours turn.

BRIO Cogwheel puzzle review by Family Clan

Jensen loved to watch his big brother, Auntie Grace and Uncle Jake play. He laughed and kicked with excitement as he watched the cogs go round and round.
The cogs are easy enough for him to hold and explore the shape of the cogs, Jensen also likes to place his hand onto the cogs while they moved and kept reaching for them.

I would highly recommend this BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle, it has been great fun watching the boys play together with a toy that they have both taken an interest in.

The BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle is suitable for ages 24 months+ and available from the BRIO website. You can read more about BRIO products we have reviewed such as the Stacking ClownBus and Train Station, Airport with Control Tower and Police Transport Set.

Mummy E, Logan and Jensen


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3 Thoughts to “BRIO Cogwheel Puzzle Review”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    This looks great it would be perfect for my nephew

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Looks great fun – look at the size of Jensen ! Beautiful photo

  3. Samantha O'D

    This is so bright and colourful. looks great

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