Bracelet Making Fun with KumiKreator

Bracelet Making Fun with KumiKreator

Grace and Jake love making, crafting and anything else they can get their fingers on and get messy with! So when they seen these KumiKreator by Cool Maker they couldn’t wait to get the box opened and started!

The Cool Maker KumiKreator is a breakthrough way to braid beautiful friendship bracelets in no time. Drawing inspiration from the art of Japanese Kumi bracelets (Kumihimo in Japanese means “gathered threads”), the KumiKreator makes it easy to create stylish and intricate Kumi friendship bracelets.

KumiKreator bracelet making

Contents of the box:-

88 spools of string
End caps
Clasp stickers
Design booklet
Measuring guide
Storage case

There is everything you need to make your unique bracelets all you need is your own scissors.

How to setup our KumiKreator

After getting it all out of the box, I followed the clear instructions to set it up. I added the blue arm to the base, and then turned the dial on our KumiKreator to align the blue spool gaps.

We then needed to choose a bracelet design from the design booklet. Grace had a good look at them all and chose ‘Dream Beam’. This is a 12 strand bracelet, although some designs can use less strands. Following what the booklet demonstrated, we needed 4 of pink, light pink and blue coloured spools. We gathered all the materials we needed.

KumiKreator bracelet making

Next we needed to put the spools on the the KumiKreator following the pattern for Dream Beam’. This process was easy to just push the spools into the KumiKreator, the next bit was a bit more trickier. We needed to pull a bit of the coloured string and feed it through the top of the plastic holder the spool was placed in and feeding it through the blue hoop and into the string clip, repeating this process for all 12 spools.

After you have done this a couple of times, you do get the hang of it.  But Grace was unable to do this it was just to fiddly for her. After all the strings are placed you need to make sure they are all tight before starting the making process. Fold down the little flap on the top to hold the string is place and here we have it, ready to go!

KumiKreator bracelet making

Now the fun starts! As you turn the handle, the spools dance around the machine, magically weaving your bracelet together, fun right?!

KumiKreator bracelet making

This part was amazing, watching the spools turn and move into different positions whilst the bracelet got made.

At this point half way through making our bracelet our KumiKreator seemed to have stopped spinning. After referring back to a paper insert in my box it told me a website I could use to help me solve the problem. After searching on YouTube how to solve the problem it was demonstrating that one of the spools was trying to go into a space where there was already a spool. the only way to fix this was to remove the whole bracelet we made and pull it out of the spools. This then allowed me then to remove the spools to fix this problem. This was quite a lengthy process after having to re-spool all my string again to start Grace’s bracelet from scratch.

After fixing the problem we tried again, and to her (and my) excitement, we made the bracelet again without any problems. You continue turning the dial until the red lines meet on the KumiKreator. KumiKreator bracelet makingWhen you get to this stage, your bracelet has been made. Next we got a clasp sticker and fastened it tightly around the top of the braid. Using the measuring guide around Grace’s wrist, I found out what size we needed, then measured it against braid and placed another clasp sticker on the other side of the braid, this is an accurate size to what we need to fit Grace.

KumiKreator bracelet making

We then trimmed the loose threads off at the end of the braid and cut the other size to the right measurement. All we needed to do now was add the clasps and end cap to prevent loose threads undoing, and here we have it. Our first KumiKreator bracelet!

Jake also wanted to make his own KumiKrator bracelet, after looking at the designs to choose from they were all to ‘girly colours’ for him. So he chose blue and yellow colours and I set away adding these into the KumiKreator for him and threading them back repeating the same process as we did previously for Grace. This time we used 8 spools instead of 12, the process was the same, and Jake made his own bracelet in no time and we had no problems this time round. It worked amazing.

KumiKreator bracelet making

Stack, wrap and share your bracelets with your BFF’s and mix and match to accessorize every outfit!

Out Thoughts

We have had a good few hours fun with the KumiKreator, other than the problem we had early on, the rest of our making has been really fun! Allowing Jake and Grace to make their bracelet was really good, they enjoyed making them and the quality of the string and clasps are actually pretty high.

Here is a couple of what they made.

KumiKreator Jewellery Maker Review Family Clan

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

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  1. ashleigh allan

    This looks like lots of fun and the results look great too!

  2. Samantha O'D

    These look fun. My daughter loves anything creative

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Not heard of these – looks fun – perfect to keep us all busy during the summer – lovely gifts for friends

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