Boy, Do I Feel Silly!

A Moment of Time in the Life of Nanna Jane!!

I had a phone call on my mobile this morning from an unknown number, normally I wouldn’t answer, but I was talking to Mummy H on Facebook chat & just auto pilot answered it.

There was a foreign gentleman on the other end asking for me.

Here is a rough transcript :-

Gentleman : “Can I speak to Jane please”

Me,  thinking, here we go another sales/PPI/Loan call : “Do you know it’s Sunday over here ?”

Gentleman : “I’m sorry Madam”

Me : ” No your not” & I cancelled the call.

Told Mummy H & she was “but it’s Monday”  Now I’m known for falling for pranks, especially simple ones like the wrong day of the week, so I felt confident saying “No it’s not” – then went & checked on my computer calendar & what do you know it is Monday!!!



I honestly did think it was Sunday today, even though I know I watched BBC CountryFile last night.  So guess who is feeling silly!

All I can say is it was BT – Before Tea, which is fatal as I never function properly before my pint mug of tea!

Nanna Jane

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Photo credit: Fountain_Head via Visualhunt / CC BY

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