Botonique – for Wine Lovers

Botonique Alcohol Free Wine Review Family Clan

Botonique – for Wine Lovers

Fancy a glass of sparkling wine, but don’t want the alcohol right now? Then Botonique Blush was made for you!

Perhaps you are driving but still want to have a glass of wine then ask for Botonique.

Strawberry, rose and bramble on the nose leads to an intriguing array of flavours from botanical extracts, and a lovely long dry finish, so moreish, but the good news is you can have as much as you want!

Botonique has NO ADDED sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours preservatives, caffeine or sulphites.

Botonique use the alcohol to extract flavour and goodness from a host of herbs, spices and beneficial botanicals. This is the preferred method of apothecaries throughout the ages. The alcohol is then distilled off to bring it back to being a soft drink..

Botonique Alcohol Free Wine Review Family Clan

A touch of fruit juice, sparkling water and Prelixir® vitamins, minerals and amino acids are added and a bottle of Botonique is made.

Botonique is entirely made and sourced in the UK, except for certain botanicals and vitamins which can only be sourced from overseas. It combines years of professional wine tasting experience with traditional herbal wisdom and modern nutritional science.

The result is a deliciously dry, refreshingly crisp and intriguingly complex drink, with just 14 calories per 100 ml (less than a sixth the calories of most wines), and just 2.1 g total sugars (from the pear juice).

This compares with a Sauvignon Blanc, for example, which would typically have around 1g total residual sugars on the one hand, and something like apple juice which typically has 10g sugars, or coke with 11g, on the other.

So if you are following a slimming plan, but want to stay on track throughout the festive period this would make a very suited choice.

Botonique Alcohol Free Wine Review Family ClanThe Botonique Story

What’s in the name? The name BOTONIQUE combines its botanical ingredients with the great feeling you get from drinking it.

Botonique was created by a modern-day alchemist – a food and fun loving wine merchant Hilary – drawing on a happy childhood helping her family make hedgerow wines and elixirs. It combines years of professional wine tasting experience with traditional herbal wisdom and modern nutritional science.

After years of partying as well as professional wine tasting, Hilary knew she had to look after her liver and longer-term health. Cutting down was the obvious approach but no satisfactory alternatives to a glass of wine were found. Most soft drinks are just too sweet and lacking in complexity, and don’t enhance food at all – until Botonique.

A Labour Of Love

After months of extracting the flavour and goodness from a host of herbs, spices and other beneficial botanicals in the privacy of her kitchen, then meticulous experimentation with different combinations, then waiting to see how different combinations evolve over time, the distinctive, intriguing and captivating taste of Botonique was eventually born.

But Hilary had no intention of stopping drinking altogether, and if you drink alcohol at all, it uses up a great many nutrients – nutrients needed for other jobs also – which causes health problems in the short and long term. So as well as drawing on relevantly-beneficial botanicals in creating the flavour, such as milk thistle seed and panax ginseng, she incorporated PRELIXIR®, a nutritious blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to replace those used up in dealing with alcohol.

So every time someone replaces a glass of wine with a glass of Botonique they’ll be doing their body a doubly good turn!

You can purchase online from the Botonique website or via the a Botonique stockist link.

My Thoughts

Botonique was created with both the tastes and needs of wine lovers in mind. The objective is to make it easier for people to drink less or not at all.

I’m looking forward to drinking this with my Christmas dinner as I’m not a big drinker, infact I’m almost tee-total. But with a meal I sometime like to have a glass of something. Especially if we are having a rare treat and having a meal out with friends, so to me, Botonique fits the bill perfectly. A nice glass of wine, but without all the side effects!

Nanna Jane

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4 Thoughts to “Botonique – for Wine Lovers”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Perfect for Christmas 2019 – almost forgot about these beauties

  2. Sharon Freemantle

    I like the sound of this wine not just the calories but also the low alcohol count. The medication I’m on I can’t drink alcohol. With this I can have a drink without the worry.

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds really good and very good about the calories

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Ooooo la la loving the look – will make a brilliant pressie

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