Bongo’s Bingo, you did it again

Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

At the weekend we had the absolute pleasure of getting the chance to go to Bongo’s Bingo in Newcastle. With the weekend also falling upon St Patricks Day, this time we had an Irish twist on the evening.

Not only was the whole room perfectly decorated with shamrocks, leprechaun hats and a particular green theme, keeping all things Irish, we had even got the privilege of seeing Irish girl band B*Witched.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan 5

I love 90’s pop, me and the girls had been waiting for this night with so much excitement as we all pretty much like the same music.

We made the afternoon/evening of it and ended up having tea out followed by a couple of cocktails, it would be rude not to for a rare child-free afternoon.

Upon arriving we was shown our table, and the lovely helper that did this was a super star. Before we had even began one of the drinks got spilt, he was over in no time to bring a replacement book and something to clean up the spillage.

We all got our drinks from the bar, and were all pretty buzzed and couldn’t wait for the night to begin.

A bit different to the last, we was surprised to see B*Witched make their appearance on stage for 7.30pm as last time 5ive performed after the bingo.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan 5

Super excited rushing to the front (as you do) we all pretty much lived our teens again, dancing and singing away to the songs that we all know.

One of the band members Lindsay performed amazing, and for being 7 months pregnant she looked great. I sure didn’t look that glam when I was 7 months pregnant.

They sang a good variety of their top hits, rollercoaster, ces’t le vie, blame it on the weatherman, to name just a few. They really set the whole atmosphere for the evening.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

On to the bingo

After the band had finished performing, we then was ready to play bingo!

The Newcastle Bongo’s Bingo is hosted by Micky Pickles. He is such a great DJ, and host’s the night amazing. With his banter he gives over the mic, to the music going from Disney, to R&B, to rock, and cheesy. Everything is covered and no matter what, every song will get you dancing up on the chairs.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

The Boiler Shop which is where this is located in Newcastle, is really quite easy to find, the sheer size of the place is amazing. The room filled with strips of tables and benches. Where I can only resemble as the Harry Potter series, Hogwart’s Great Hall, but bigger!

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

This is perfectly set out allowing access down all rows and plenty of space to dance.

There were two bars within the room with queues not being lengthy at all, due to the amount of staff working, you aren’t waiting long if at all. One of the bars also serve alcohol slush too! Perfect way to cool down after alot of dancing.

Let’s play Bongo’s Bingo

The bingo booklets are handed to you as you arrive with pens so you don’t need to remember to bring your own.  They are a standard sized bingo book giving you all 90 numbers within.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan 10

Playing for 1 line / 2 line / full house throughout the night, and in true Bongo’s Bingo style you can win something absolutely awesome.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

Fancy a night in with Louis Walsh? Well, no me neither but yours for the taking was a full sized cut-out of the Irish star if you called on the 1st line, what a prize!

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

Perhaps a bottle of alcohol for 2 lines, (keeping green themed, ‘apple sours’ in my best Irish accent) not to forget the fluffy unicorn or green Henry Hoover! Exciting right?!

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan

Throughout the night the prize money for the full house goes up and up and went to a whopping £1,200 for the last page, wow!

On stage throughout the whole night were two men, dressed up in their best Irish frocks. I really do have to give them their due, this is twice I have seen them and I give them full credit.

They work so hard through the night, they were entertaining to watch with their dance moves keeping everyone entertained, but at the same time they are also keeping an eye on the bingo to see who was to shout first.



With the numbers that are pulled out you could have a run of five numbers, but then all of a sudden i.e. “3” might be drawn out, and then all of a sudden you will start to hear Westlife. Where you will then get to have a good dance to this where you can dance on the benches. It will then stop and you go straight back to bingo.

It may only just be two numbers called until the next song was played, and up you are again.

There was such a variety of music, a range to suit everyone!

Bongo’s Bingo events are held at 20 venues throughout the country so I’m sure you will find a venue near you for you to experience the best night in your area.

Our thoughts

I really recommend the night out if you are organising a special birthday, hen night, or any sort of special occasion, grab the girls (or lads) together and go and have a night on the town to remember.

The whole event is suited for all ages 18+, (although I know my 5 year old daughter would love this!) I could see my 18 year old self enjoying it, to now nearly reaching 30 and also dare I say, my nanna would give the dancers a run for their money.

Bongo's Bingo BWitched review by Family Clan 5

Bongo’s Bingo you did it again, we had an absolutely amazing night. I can’t wait to go back again!

“non-stop laughing and dancing, fantastic mix of music, and bonkers from beginning to end! Loved it!!!”

We loved the evening, and the girls had the best of nights. Until the next one Bongo’s!

Get the girls together and experience this for yourself! You can view location near you on the Bongo’s Bingo Website.

Mummy H

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  1. A S,Edinburgh

    That sounds amazing; so lively! A great night out.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    What a FAB night out – it was on the national news too about how it’s going from strength to strength

  3. Susan B

    A fabulous group photo and what a fun evening.

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