Bongo’s Bingo – The Night of your Life

Bongo’s Bingo – Have The Night of your Life

You may well have seen a few recent social shares I have recently made regarding Bongo’s Bingo. I have been so excited to have been given the opportunity to go to review Bongo’s Bingo in Newcastle.

Many of my friends have attended Bongo’s Bingo in the past. Each of them saying how good it is. “The best night out in Newcastle you’ll ever have” was what one of my good friends said.

They had a lot to live up to in my books seeing as Newcastle Upon Tyne, is already known to be one of the best towns in the UK to have a night out.

I invited Mummy E, and two good friends along to experience this night out. My gosh, were we in for a treat.

Arrival at Bongo’s Bingo

I can honestly say, I wasn’t to sure what to expect. Having heard that it was bingo with dancing on chairs and more bingo with more dancing. I love going to bingo and I love dancing – not necessarily on chairs, but whatever.

Upon arrival I was very surprised at the sheer size of the room and how it was set out. Imagine Hogwarts Great Hall, with all the same tables. Long wooden tables and benches. This is how the room was like and may I add that there was the same amount of tables behind this photo too, plenty to fill the space.

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

We was shown where our reserved table was by one of the staff. We ended up sitting next to a lovely group of ladies who had been many times before.

Quick trip to the bar, which I expected long queues due to the size of the place, but no, all night the queues were down in no time, there were plenty of bar staff present.

There were two bars within the room, one that served alcohol slush too, yummy.

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

We couldn’t wait to get started now, the music was playing, people were already singing and dancing. We now waited for the evenings entertainment to start. The place started filling up in no time. The atmosphere was amazing!

Lets the Games Begin!

The bingo booklets are handed to you as you arrive. They are a standard sized bingo book giving you all 90 numbers within.

You play for 1 line / 2 line / full house throughout the night and you can win weird and wonderful prizes! I’m not joking about the weird either.

Fancy taking home the famous Silver Fox? Yes, full sized Philip Schofield cut-out could be yours if you were to win the 1 line on the first page! What a prize! Followed by a bottle of alcohol for two lines and cash prize money for the house.

Throughout the night the prize money for the full house goes up and up and went to a whopping £1,200 for the last page, wow!

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

There was chances to win a full size musical keyboard, Coco Pops, Henry Hoover and even a karaoke machine, which I was only 1 number away from winning, better luck next time!

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

But in true Bongo’s Bingo style, the winner of this karaoke machine prize had to sing a karaoke song on stage before they fully claimed their prize.

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

But no, wait. The best prize of the night for sure was the huge unicorn! Now there would have been a prize I might not have been able to share with my friends. Grace, my 5 year old daughter, would have claimed that!

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

On stage throughout the whole night were two men, dressed up in a red polkadot dress and also Disney Princess Anna from Frozen. They worked so hard through the night, they were entertaining to watch with their dance moves. Even squeezing the floss in their too.

They kept an eye on the bingo to see who was to shout first, keeping it fair.

So How does the Bingo and Dance Work?

Well yes, this was what I was wondering too. Thinking would it be a few songs to dance to after each page was completed … No, this is where it all gets a little exciting!

With the numbers that are pulled out you could have a run of five numbers, but then all of a sudden i.e. “1” might be drawn out, and then all of a sudden you will start to hear Chesney Hawkes – One and Only. Where you will then get to have a good dance to this where you can dance on the benches. It will then stop and you go straight back to bingo.

It may only just be two numbers called until the next song was played, 33 was be ‘Westlife‘, and so on.

There was such a variety of music, from Rock, Ska, Pop, Reggae a bit of everything.

At Bongo’s Bingo they also like to get some live bands playing too on certain dates. We were lucky enough to be able to see 5ive, yes the famous band from the 90’s with big hits such as ‘Keep on Movin’, ‘Everybody Get Up’ ‘Slam dunk Da Funk’… Ah memories.

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

To see them live was absolutely brilliant, the whole experience really lived up to ‘The best night out in Newcastle you’ll ever had’.

Bongo’s Bingo events are held at 20 venues throughout the country so I’m sure you will find a venue near you for you to experience the best night in your area.

Bongos Bingo Newcastle review by Family Clan

I really recommend the night out if you are organising a special birthday, or any sort of special occasion, grab the girls (or lads) together and go and have a night on the town to remember.

Newcastle Bongo's Bingo

Bongos Bingo February 2019 dates on sale from 6pm Wednesday 5th Dec, including two Valentine’s nights.

You might like to read our new review of Bongo Bingo when we went in March 2019.

Mummy H

Have you seen our giveaways? Just head to our giveaway page to see the list of prizes. There is something for everyone!

We was given four tickets for us to review this opportunity in exchange for our honest thoughts & feelings.

4 Thoughts to “Bongo’s Bingo – The Night of your Life”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Blooming covid restrictions are spoiling my fun – maybe in sept I’ll see for myself

  2. Susan B

    Looks like a fun and colourful night out.

  3. Kim Carberry

    My friends daughter often goes to the one in Newcastle and loves it. I have seen her videos and it looks like fantastic fun!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds great fun – think my neices would love it – I’d show them up more than likely !

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