Board Game Review – Buy Sell or Hold?

buy sell or hold christmas

Board Game Review – Buy Sell or Hold?

Stuck for a present this Christmas then ‘Buy Sell or Hold?’  is a great option for a present you could gift!
We tried this game out on Saturday night when we went over to Mummy M’s & Daddy T’s for dinner.  It took us a while to work out what we was actually doing, but we picked it up as we played.

The game is designed for 2-6 players aged 14 & above, not sure why 14 but would say once you feel they would understand the basics of what happens on the stock market.  Although you don’t need stock market or investment experience.

The games comes with one board counter, that is a semi precious stone, that all players use & a normal six sided dice. Two sets of cards, ‘That’s Life’ & ‘Investment’, a re-useable Share Price Board chart, a very good quality game board, an information booklet that gives a brief summary of the companies in which shares can be bought, rules & instruction booklet & portfolio forms that you record what shares you have bought & what they are worth during the game as well as any cash you may hold.
buy sell or hold christmas

We thought the game was a mixture of Monopoly & for the strategy Backgammon. We played in two teams, boys against girls, as we figured two brains are better than one, seeing as none of us had any real stocks or investment knowledge, I also got elected to be the one to read the Share Price Board chart, that tell you the price of the shares when they have risen or fallen.

We started by selecting six companies each, you can select between 5-8,  (it was only after this that we found the information booklet!) The girls went with food & drink themed business’s ( we just picked the names we liked) & the boys a general mixture & we said we would finish at 11:30pm, as Granddad Al  & I still had to drive home.

The highest dice throw goes first. It took us a few throws to work out what we was actually doing, but go by go we got the hang of the game. If you land on a square with an Orange Flash you selected a card & a Black Flash a different card, these brought an added tension to the game, as all the girls cards seemed to be gaining money whilst Daddy T & Granddad Al always seems to lose money, but it was the luck of the cards!
buy sell or hold christmas

We all enjoyed ourselves, if a little confused at some points, but have said it’s a game we will play again &  eventually move on from the Beginners game to the Advanced game. Like any board game, it does take a little while to get used to but once you’re into it then its great

Buy Sell or Hold board game was founded by Fund Manager Jackie Neill. ‘ I wanted to create a game that brought the Stock Market into people’s homes in a fun & engaging way enabling them to gain confidence & real understanding of investing without parting with real cash. It was also important to me that the players can decide exactly how long they want to play for, unlike some games which go on & on until everyone is exhausted & just wants to go to bed!’  We totally agree with the last sentence having played Monopoly where it has gone on for days & days!!

The game is available to buy from Amazon BuySellorHold? The Stock Market Board Game
for the amazing price of £45
It is a great gift for someone for Christmas so if your stuck for someone to buy for, its not what they would expect but definitely value for money and endless hours of quality family time.

So what is it going to be buy sell or hold?

buy sell or hold christmas

Nanna Jane

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2 Thoughts to “Board Game Review – Buy Sell or Hold?”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    This sounds a fun game

  2. Martina Evans

    I like the story behind the game but it doesn’t look that inviting. I don’t think youngsters would be willing to play this, they mostly prefer games to be colourful and interesting. But I wouldn’t mind playing.

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