B&M Bargains Bargains!

B&M Bargains Bargains 20th September 2017

Bargains from B&M Bargains.

I popped in to my nearest B&M Bargains Home Store this afternoon. I managed to get these candles with the beautiful floral – butterfly design on them and in a vanilla and summer berry scent. They were reduced from £2.99 to just £1. I love them they even have velvet at the bottom to protect furniture. They burn for upto 55 hours each. They looks so pretty even if I don’t light them just yet.

I also got some Options Hot Chocolate sachets in Belgian Chocolate, Sweet Popcorn, and Belgian Chocolate Praline. They was just 19p each.

I’ve never tried them, but I can have these with my new food regime that I am following from Slimming World. I’m so looking forward to having one tonight once I get Jake and Grace in bed!

As a Mum and like many Mum’s we don’t often get something for ourselves, so I’m really pleased with my B&M Bargains Bargains!

Mummy H

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8 Thoughts to “B&M Bargains Bargains!”

  1. Paul Wilson

    My mum likes those Options cocoa pouches.

  2. Zoff

    Nice idea! Thanks!

  3. Eva Vida

    this is a really good bargain 🙂

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    I love b&m and home bargains especially as we have just moved to a three bedroom property so need to update the decor and style xXx

  5. Charlie Brunton

    I love B&M! I always end up buying things I don’t really need because they’re such a bargain!?? I absolutely love options hot chocolate too, the white chocolate is my favourite! X

  6. Bev

    B&m is awesome! I’m always in there!

  7. Sidrah Ahmed

    Amazing bargains

  8. Margaret gallagher

    Always lots of bargains !!
    Options Belgium chocolate is LOVELY -not tried any of the other flavours
    Doesn’t it make you feel good when you have these kind of days!
    My turn tomorrow to see what I might find !

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