What is Black Friday?

Black Friday

Black Friday is the first Friday after  the American Traditional Thanksgiving and is often regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. It’s a US invention that’s crept it’s way into UK culture, as so many things have done.

Retailers latch on to any excuse to attract shoppers with special offers and discounts, this one has grown & grown over here.


This year Thanksgiving falls on Thursday 24th November so Black Friday will be on the 25th.  A lot of UK shops & businesses have jumped on the band wagon & see this as a good opportunity to give some great discounts to boost their Christmas sales.

If you are looking for a big ticket item or a special gift it would probably be a good idea to have a look on line at the relevant stores to see if you can get a bargain or at least some reduction in the price. But do your homework first, find out if it is really at it’s lowest price.

Remember it’s only a bargain if you need it.

I know Amazon are running some amazing offers all week that change every 10 minutes,
Amazon Black Friday

Do let us know if you get a Black Friday bargain, but do be careful.

Nanna Jane

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3 Thoughts to “What is Black Friday?”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Never bothered with this more like shop and Internet rage
    Good idea -bad way of carrying it out

  2. nicola ithell

    Black friday, more like mad friday. People shoving, pushing people just to get a bargain, sometimes causing injury. Total madness and the things on sale are sometimes shoddy and not worth it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain but it gets out of hand every year so I don’t bother now. :/

  3. beccles1976

    I am not totally in agreement with Black Friday …………. I knew it was an American thing, But we have enough excuses for sales etc without another one .. besides which we don’t get anywhere near the discounts they do in the USA

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