Big Steps For A Little Boy

Big Steps For A Little Boy

Something very exciting but some what upsetting happen this week.

This week was one of our youngest bloggers, Jensen had his first week settling in at nursery! Whaaaaaaaat?!

Although it is still very upsetting for me,  I know Jensen will love it once he has settled in. It will do him the world of good being around another children his age.

Jensen took it really hard, going into nursery.  He cried on off for the first three days. I think with us having been so recently in lock down, he has only really known is me, Daddy S and his big brother Logan for such a long time in his short life that this has been such a dramatic change for him.

Jensens 1st Nursery painting September 2020 Family Clan

But he had much better days on Thursday and Friday. He has actually played with the other boys and girls as well as playing with toys. So I have hope for the weeks ahead for him to love it.

His favourite so far is sand, filling and pouring, water play and painting. Hes been came out proudly showing me his beautiful orange piece of art work.

Jensen Starts Nursery September 2020 Family Clan

I do love this poem I was handed by one of the Nursery staff. It is just so perfect and very much appreciated.


Logan has also settled into year 3, YEAR 3! How crazy is that and loved being in school and being around his friends again. He says his teacher is “alright” so we will see what he thinks in a few months. His favourite lesson is still Maths.

Hope you are all safe and well, this pandemic is super scary.

Have there been any big changes in your homes recently? Let us know how they and you coped.

Take care, talk soon

Mammy E

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2 Thoughts to “Big Steps For A Little Boy”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Great Jenson – no wonder it is hard after lockdown. Lovely poem!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Well done jensen ! My great neice had something similar too – great idea too

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