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Staying Inn with Best of British Beer

This year has been a year the most of us have stayed in, well lets change that with Best of British beer and lets Stay Inn instead!

If you can’t make it to the pub in these uncertain times, then why not bring craft beer to your home?  You can now with your own little pub!

It can be personalised with your own pub name or your company name, or why not your very own name! We love this box with our blog name on it. Seriously more chuffed than we should be.

The Best of British Beer ‘Staying Inn’ is exclusive to Best Of British Beer! When it is opening time for your pub, you’ll discover 6 x 330ml bottles of craft beer.

Each case contains a mixture of the most popular styles of beer with their customers from across the UK.

Why not give this as a lovely present for a beer lover who enjoys a trip to the pub, but maybe doesn’t get to spend as much time there as they’d like!

This would make the perfect Christmas gift for a couple or even as a Secret Santa Gift! This set comes with 6 x Craft Beers, Pub Quiz and beer mats, all for £24.75 and you can find them on The Best of British Beer Website.

We very much enjoyed the pub quiz that came included within. There was 20 good general knowledge questions some of them made us both give different answers and we couldn’t wait to see who was the winner.

Our Thoughts

We have thoroughly enjoyed this selection and the beers have been very enjoyable.  The beer is delivered in a plain transit box to protect the contents and everything is such fantastic quality. Best of British Beer is such good quality from the box to the contents.

Staying Inn is the new going out!

They really have just hit it perfectly with this product and it would make the most perfect gift this Christmas.

Mummy H


We have a Personalised “Staying Inn” Pub in a Box to giveaway, including the extras we received

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Question is ‘How are you managing by staying in more now that life is adjusting to a new ‘normal’?’

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350 Thoughts to “Giveaway – Best of British Beer”

  1. Josephine Pett

    We are putting more effort into family events and seasonal stuff like Halloween. The dining room facing the road is fully decorated.
    Our daughter and granddaughter moved in after a relationship split, so life has pretty lively 🍻🍺

  2. Wendy Smith

    I live in the country, so during the summer months I was feeling OK. Lots of walks and time spent gardening, but I’m not looking forward to the winter and the loneliness of the darker evenings

  3. Jenny McClinton

    I’m doing ok, it is really strange not seeing people so much but it has become normal for me to work & stay home most of the time. My daughter is starting to find it a bit harder at the moment, as now she is back at school she is used to being more active, so when it comes to the weekend she can’t sit still.

  4. Paula

    I’m doing OK as long as I can visit outdoor places away from the house… mostly to get away from my other half!!!! LOL

  5. S Straw

    We’re doing ok, kids can still play out when weather is ok but not looking forward to the dark evenings.

  6. susan smith

    Doing ok, catching up with lots of things and decorating

  7. Delia Pemberton

    Teaching my niece her granny’s recipes.

  8. Rebecca Smith

    I am doing ok – catching up with a lot of shows and reading a lot of books

  9. Fay Burman

    Quite honestly I haven’t needed to adjust much, I’ve always been a homebody, as have most of my family. I am working just the same, and with how unsure the job market is currently, it’s made me appreciate work even more, and then work makes me appreciate being at home more too! Being at home means spending more time with my dog, Georgie, and that’s always a good thing.

  10. Iris

    I don’t go out that often anyway apart from long dog walks in the woods and countryside, so I have been quite happy at home doing my needlework and baking. The only thing I’m really struggling with is that I have not been able to visit my extended family in Switzerland since Christmas and the way things look at the moment wont be able to this Christmas either

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