Beamish Great North Steam Fair

Beamish Great North Steam Fair

A couple of weekends ago we have been to Beamish Great North Steam Fair!

Beamish Great North Steam Fair

”Beamish began as the vision of Dr Frank Atkinson, today it is one of the best Open Air Museums in the World”

We absolutely love Beamish, and with it being only 1 hour away on the bus direct, I do try to take Jake and Grace as often as we can.

We purchased a family ticket last year, once you buy it it is valid for unlimited use for a full year, and going by bus you get 25% off the museum price by presenting your bus ticket too.

Beamish Great North Steam Fair
Jake and Grace ready for the mini train ride

About Beamish

Beamish Open Air Museum is a brilliant size with old fashioned trams/busses which will take you to each area you need free of charge or you can simply walk as there is also amazing scenery.
The many different areas you can visit within the museum are:-

  • 1900s Town
  • 1900’s Pit Village
  • 1940’s Farm
  • 1900 Colliery
  • 1820’s Pockerley
  • Rowley Railway Station
  • Open Stores
  • Beamish Tramway

There is so much to do and with every visit we find something new we didn’t discover before!

The Beamish Great North Steam Fair had a large variety of different events on during the days it was on. Jake really loves his engines so this was an event not to be missed by us!  He loved seeing the traction engines, and the mini train ride which was only 50p each!

Beamish Great North Steam Fair

We set off for the first bus, so we could be there for it opening at 10am

Beamish Great North Steam Fair
We had a ride on this Bon Accord

After our ride we loved to stand on the bridge as the train went underneath us and got us covered by steam.

Although there are facilities at Beamish Museum to purchase food, we brought packed lunch and sat and had a picnic on the grass at dinner time.

Jake was really happy to get a picture with this train Samson

After the train ride, we had a ride on the Locomotive which is something we do every time we visit.

Our Day

We had a lovely day and was there until about 3pm. We could have stayed there even longer ,but needed to leave due to the journey home and it coming towards tea time!

Beamish is always an excellent day out as usual and Grace and Jake both fell asleep on the bus home, I didn’t manage get a picture as my camera ran out of battery from taking so many pictures during the day! But they were both asleep on each other at the back of the bus, catching flies! I know we will be back before we know it!

If you are in the area and looking for somewhere to go during the school half term or summer holidays Beamish is the perfect place.

We love Beamish Museum and really wanted to share this lovely place with you 

Mummy H, Jake and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Beamish Great North Steam Fair”

  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    What lovely photos! Full of smiley faces! I get excited about trains, just as much as my children did! I’ve not been here before, how lovely.

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    It looks fantastic, and your children certainly look like they are enjoying there easy, my children would be fascinated with it xxx

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Jake love trains! So he loves going to Beamish. Buying the annual ticket was a really good value for money as we they have been quite a few times during the year. x Jane

    2. Nanna-Jane

      Jake loves trains & with these being steam trains, he is just in his element and of course Grace follows her big brother everywhere! Buying an Annual ticket was a good investment as they have been loads of time. I know Mummy H will be buying another Annual ticket this year too x Jane

  3. Margaret gallagher

    Haven’t been here for years -great day out for all the family

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