GIVEAWAY: Be Party Prepared with Mardles 4D Stickers

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

Be Party Prepared with Mardles

We all know children’s birthday parties can be such a headache to sort, from entertainment, to food, to added extras and when you think you are nearly sorted, you remember party bags!

Yes this has been me for the past few weeks, Jake and Grace have just recently celebrated their 8th and 5th birthday five days apart from each other, and smack bang in the middle I decided to throw a joint birthday party inviting 70+ children, yes I did, I must be crazy!

Well Mardles are here to help you get your party bags fully prepared with their Augmented Reality Sticker Packs, they are such an affordable addition to add to your party bags and with such variety to choose from, you can choose themes to suit the birthday boy or girl perfectly!

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Party Bag Packages

This is where Mardles come to the rescue with their brilliant party bag packages ready to help you prepare for your planned party and give your guests an extra special ‘thank you for coming’ gift.

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Mardles have put together a party pack of 10 interactive 4D Stickers packages (with 12 stickers inside each) which works out at half the price for their Down at the Farm and Under the Sea theme stickers compared to if you were to buy them singularly. Mardles know how busy parties can be, so these would be perfect for your little ones party bags.

So How do Mardles Stickers Work?

To use your stickers you need to download the FREE app which is available from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon. There’s no registration, no data capture and no in-app purchases. It only takes a minute to install and whats more you don’t even need Wi-Fi or mobile connection to enjoy the fun which is great meaning you can take Mardles on the go!

Now all you need to do is simply stick, scan and let your new sticker friend interact with your child (I may add these are quite fun for us grown-ups too, shh!!)

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

So we scanned the hen, and it came to life in front of your eyes, it pops up on the screen in front of you as if it is really on the other side of the screen.

Each sticker that you choose to scan has the corresponding animal noise, so when we scanned the hen in, it came to life and we then heard the clucking noises. You will find that it interacts with you and even putting the camera into selfie mode you will see the animal sit on your shoulder and have a peck around. It is absolutely amazing!

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

Playing with your animals, you can press the arrow buttons that are on your screen allowing you to control the animal and which way they walk.

I got the Mardles Down at the Farm and Under the Sea theme stickers party packs for Jake and Graces joint birthday party that they have recently had, their birthdays’ fall five days apart so as you can imagine it was a really busy time for me trying to organise a party for them both.

Mardles under the sea package

The packages are such great ideas and are perfectly suited for boys and girls, I’d mentioned that Jake and Grace loved the look of the Really Wild life range too, so Mardles even sent them a couple to try out too which went Jake and Grace loved.

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

Jake asked for a Nintendo themed birthday party (obviously just a few days before, as kids like to inform you of these things days before) which all I could think of last minute was to order some Nintendo character cake toppers. I made 100 Nintendo and Disney Princess cupcakes, which took hours, but by the end of the party there was none left, so my baking must not have been that bad!

Grace didn’t ask for any theme, she just asked for the bouncy castle, that was already included within my party package so that was handy!

I catered for what seemed to be 100 as I spent all the previous evening and all the morning of the party making food & cake.

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

Near to the end of the party they stood on the stage whilst all of their friends sang a big happy birthday. I can’t believe that my two are now 5 and 8 years old, I don’t know how this happened, it didn’t seem long ago I was pushing them round in a pram.

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

The party went really well, lots of their friends from school came and all the family that could came. They had the most amazing day and it was the ‘best day ever.’

As the party guests were leaving, they were given their their party sweet cone along with their Mardles sticker packs with a lot of happy faces leaving with these two gifts and lots of parents saying ‘oh wow’ as they read more about the Mardles stickers.

They definitely do give off a great wow effect and bring playtime to life using the Augmented Reality app and these magical 4D interactive stickers.

Mardles party bag supplies review by Family Clan

Some of the feedback I have had from parents so far:-

“Absolutely awesome”

“They are fun. Rico loved being able to move the animals around and the sound effects.”

“Amazingly cool”

With over 60 amazing Mardles 4D Interactive Stickers to collect, from mermaids and unicorns to tractors and dinosaurs, all ready to come to life, you can watch in wonder as your little one’s simply STICK, SCAN and INTERACT.

You can purchase Mardles 4D Interactive Stickers direct from the Mardles website.

NOTE: Mardles are offering a free pack of bugs and beast stickers with every order this October, perfect for Halloween.

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