Giveaway: Bang On! Fast Action Board Game from Drumond Park

Bang On! Review Drumond Park Family Clan

Bang On! Fast Action Board Game from Drumond Park

You know we love playing games as a family, so when Drumond Park asked us to review Bang On! we said “YES, Of course!” A new game to play is always fun.

Bang On! is a fast action packed board game, that will have you searching your brain for answers.

Bang On! Review Drumond Park Family Clan

Whats in the Box?

Contents :-

  • Bang On! Unit
  • Hammer
  • 99 Question Cards
  • 1 Challenge Card
  • Playing Board
  • 2 Playing Pieces
  • Sticker Sheet


How to Play

Once you have set up the game, and selected who is in who’s team, take a question card. You then bang the hammer onto the red button to start your turn, every right answer wins you another bang of the hammer until you either run out of time or reach the maximum score of ten.

There are three questions on each card, determined by the colour of space you land on, one of the questions will be a bonus question, match one of the answers on the card and you get a bonus point for your team.

Bang On! Review Drumond Park Family Clan

You can move around the board by the number of answers you have got right. As you move around the board there are special spaces that you can land on that might help or hinder you.

The team around the board the quickest wins.

My Thoughts

Grandad Al and I have had a game between us, but we haven’t yet played as a full family. It’s perfect, right up our street and I just know it will be out to play around the festivities getting lots of use when we are all together as a family.

The game requires 2 AAA batteries.

Bang On! is available from Amazon and all good toy stockists, RRP is £27.99.

Nanna Jane


Drumond Park have kindly given us another copy of this game to give away. It’s great fun to play. If you would like a chance to win, just enter the rafflecopter giveaway form below.

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