GIVEAWAY: Bandai Rescue Runts

Bandai Rescue Runts

Rescue Runts from Bandai review by Family Clan

Rescue Runts are brand new and they need you to help, love and care!

Transform these ragged runts into perfect pets! There are four different dogs to adopt including Shepherd, Husky, Spaniel and Spotty.

We did have a German Shepherd years ago called Tia, but she was old and has sadly passed away, all we have now are pet fish.

Rescue Runts from Bandai review by Family Clan

Grace couldn’t wait to meet her new Rescue Runt who is a German Shepherd puppy!

The first thing Grace asked to do was to introduce her new pet dog to the pet fish and asked me to photograph them together…. so here we have. Gold Flash, Spot Spot Spot Dot and Lemon Drizzle meeting our new puppy Grace has named Sunlight.

Rescue Runts from Bandai review by Family Clan

Nurture your child’s love of animals and show them how caring for an animal can result in great things.

Included within the box-

Rescue Runt German Shepherd
Name collar

Rescue Runts from Bandai review by Family Clan

We used the included grooming accessories to clean up our new puppy friend and make her feel happy and loved!

First Grace started by getting rid of fleas off Sunlight by using the tweezers. We can also wipe away her tears (Removable sticker) and remove the bandage from her leg.

Rescue Runts from Bandai review by Family Clan

We then gave Sunlight a fur make-over giving her a good groom and making her feel so loved and happy again. Grace then wrote the name Sunlight on the dog collar making her now the owner of a cute and cuddly German Shepherd.

Rescue Runts from Bandai review by Family Clan

Not only are these Rescue Runts simply adorable – but teaching kids the compassion needed to help make the world for animals a better place is a win-win.

The Rescue Runt from Bandai is available from Smyths RRP £17.99 and recommended for ages 3+

Our Thoughts

Grace have loved these Rescue Runts and I think the idea behind them is great allowing your child to take in and look after a rescued animal. But do remember that if you are getting a real puppy this festive time to think hard before you buy. They are a lot more hard work than goldfish!

We think Rescue Runts will be one of the top toys for Christmas 2018

Mummy H & Grace


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162 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Bandai Rescue Runts”

  1. paula cheadle

    I love pugs, I think that they look so cute with their squished up face

  2. Rebecca Hussey

    I love husky dogs they are gorgoeus


    A Jack Russell, we had one years ago, just the right size for our small house

  4. Michelle Ferguson

    Labradors as I have two and they are loyal and always happy to see me

  5. Katie m

    My favourite breed of dog is Pekingese I have owned the breed for 16 years the house would be right without one of these loyal, loveable dogs. You never get one the same they all different.

  6. Lauren Main

    French bulldog, they are very small and adorable

  7. Dale Dow

    It has to be Jack Russell because thats the type of my puppy

  8. Victoria Prince

    Mine is the Kooikerhondje. I love the appearance but I also love everything about the way they think and their aptitude for training. They’re not easy dogs, but if you’re prepared for a challenge they’re brilliant


    Shitzu they are so loveable

  10. sarah morris

    I always wanted a king Charles they just look so lovely

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