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Balmonds Review by Family Clan

Who are Balmonds?

Balmonds began with a mother’s desperate search to find an effective, natural way of managing her baby daughter’s very severe eczema without the stinging or irritation of prescribed conventional emollients. Finding nothing suitable available, Natalie Balmond began to experiment with making her own creams in the kitchen and eventually formulated an ointment based on traditional herbal remedies which proved to be so effective that she started a company to share her hemp-based balm with others.

Our Story

As a mother of two, have also had this exact same problem. Having trouble to find creams that don’t irritate or sting when used.

My eldest Jake has never had problems with his skin. My youngest Grace’s skin was fine when she was baby/toddler, just the odd patch of dry skin. But however since she turned 5, this has progressed and she breaks out in pimply patches of dry skin. Which understandably, she find irritating and itchy.

We have in the past been prescribed a variety of creams from the doctor to help. Even within the last few months trying another. But these have all caused a sting and Grace has been upset once applied, so we’ve had to wipe it straight off.

I really was ready to give up and look for a more natural way myself to see if I could find anything to help. That was when I happened to have received a message from Balmonds.

A Ray of Sunshine

The message from Balmonds was asking if I would like to give their products a try. Hearing the story above, it sounds like Natalie Balmond and I both have similar stories. Mum-to-Mum, I was very eager to give these a try. Happy to try anything to help with Grace’s skin.

The main parts Grace suffers with are her stomach, top of her back and arms.

I had told her that there was a package going to be coming and this hopefully will help her skin and not sting when we use it.

Being only 5, she was actually very eager to try Balmonds Skin Salvation out. I’m pretty sure she is sick of trying many creams too that just hadn’t worked.

Balmonds Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment


Balmonds Skin Salvation Review by Family Clan

So we put Balmonds to the test! We first started with the Balmonds SKIN SALVATION Intensive Moisturising Ointment. It comes in a 60ml pot, and is a thick beeswax-based ointment which works as an effective emollient when dry skin needs intensive hydration.

Balmonds Review by Family Clan 3

How does it work?

Forming a semi-occlusive barrier over the skin which protects it from external irritants, reducing further damage to fragile skin and allowing skin to repair itself. It locks in moisture, supporting the effective maintenance of the skin barrier function.

It is also specially formulated to nourish and hydrate severely dry skin. Particularly delivering essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients to the epidermis, where they are needed to support skin cell regeneration.

This is Grace’s back where she had found herself itching so bad it had cut the skin. Luckily I stopped her itching before she made it worse.

Balmonds Review by Family Clan 3

To use it I just warmed a bit between by fingers and applied on to all the parts of skin that needed it. I was holding out for Grace to say ‘ouch’, but this didn’t come!

She was actually beaming happily about that! Even with an open cut as that, it never made a sting.

There are just 3-4 days between these two photo’s. What a difference.

Balmonds Skin Salvation Review by Family Clan

A little goes a long way, and because it is free from many of the synthetic ingredients found in other creams ,such as perfumes and preservatives, the balm is suitable for people prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and dry, itchy or sore skin conditions. Top marks from us two!

It’s simple. It’s natural. It works.

Award-winning SKIN SALVATION ointment has extraordinary results for eczema and psoriasis sufferers, Now being prescribed by GPs and dermatologists. With it being 100% natural I feel this is just the most amazing product.

BALMONDS SKIN SALVATION is set to become a household name, a family essential for any little skin emergency.

Also perfect to use for chapped lips, minor grazes, cracked heels, dry hands, insect bites, nappy rash. It is also a highly effective, all-natural balm to accelerate the healing process and preserve the colour of tattoos.

Pretty amazing from one little tub!

Balmonds Bath & Body Oil

The one thing that Grace always asks for is special baths. She’s such a girly girl and loves that extra special treatment. Many times she has been gifted bath bombs, and loves a good bubble bath. Sadly the majority of them type of products are not ideal for sensitive skin as she finds herself jumping out of the bath minutes later due to the sting.

Although she seemed to have used them in the past without many problems. Within the last year is where have came to notice how sensitive her skin is becoming.

So she tends to have a plain bath, boring right!

This Balmonds Bath & Body Oil is an all-purpose natural emollient body oil, specially formulated to provide all-over protection and moisture for dry skin during and after bathing.

By just adding one or two tablespoons to a warm bath. You can even apply directly to damp skin after bath time to lock in moisture.

Can also be applied directly to dry skin on any area of the face and body.

With hemp and chamomile, it smells so divine and the aroma of the bathroom smells amazing when she has a bath with this.

Grace has been loving baths with Balmonds Bath and Body Oil with no drama. Apparently even Barbie’s skin is looking and feeling better too!

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream

This Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream is a natural emollient with organic hemp seed oil, shea butter and bio-dynamic herbal tinctures,for daily use to help keep skin soft, healthy and hydrated.

The 100ml tube, just pumps out easily and once again a little goes a long way. Just 2 pumps is enough to cover Grace’s dry skin, I use this once a day to keep on top of her skin, and if it flares up a bit more than I will use the SKIN SALVATION first, then apply the daily moisturising cream afterwards.

 Balmonds Baby & Child Range

Balmonds Baby & Child range consists of a Baby Balm and a Chamomile Baby Oil. These two products are completely 100% natural and fragrance-free.

Perfectly suited for babies, older children and mums-to-be especially if they are having to cope with super-sensitivity or itchiness or pregnancy and new motherhood. Made with natural organic oils and herbal extracts to treat delicate skin with the care it deserves.

Balmonds Skin Salvation Review by Family Clan

I know these sounds like they would have been the absolute dream whilst I was pregnant with Grace when I had Obstetric Cholestatus. Which has symptoms of itchy hands and feet throughout my whole pregnancy ,which was awful!

Free from Paraben, preservatives, petrochemicals or perfumes making them perfect for dry or sensitive skin.


To me it seems that they are a kind of traditional ointment that granny might have had in her cabinet and brought out for cuts, grazes, blisters, rashes, dry hands, cracked heels, sore lips and noses, insect bites, minor burns and so many other things.

Did you know that Balmonds is already a cult secret among professional makeup artists, cyclists, gymnasts, gardeners, mountaineers, care workers, nurses, chefs and tattoo artists, prized for its extraordinary ability to calm down redness and inflammation, soften rough skin and protect broken skin as it heals.

Balmonds: A New Chapter

After years of building up an extremely loyal customer base, with SKIN SALVATION stocked on the high street as well as available on prescription, and with an unrivaled run of 5 star reviews under its belt, Purepotions is now re-branding as Balmonds.

As the company heads into global waters, the change of name reflects the Balmonds heritage as a trusted brand, whose core values include effectiveness, integrity and genuine care for their customers.

Balmonds is still headed up by founder Natalie Balmond, and has now been joined at the company by her three daughters, including a now grown-up Lula.

The straightforward, practical and loving attitude that led to Natalie rolling up her sleeves and doing it herself, is still a core characteristic of Balmonds. Customer care is exceptionally honest and genuine, and because Natalie understands the financial and emotional stress parents undergo in their hunt for something to soothe their children’s suffering, the company offers a money back guarantee on all first-time purchases from their website.


I can highly recommend these products. All five that I have had the chance to review have really helped with Grace, and it is just bloody brilliant to have finally found a product that works great for her with no stinging!

Balmonds has been a big hit for us, you can try it yourself by ordering online, because Natalie understands the financial and emotional stress parents undergo in their hunt for something to soothe their children’s suffering, the company offers a money back guarantee on all first-time purchases from their website.

Not only that they have given us a discount code for you to use. Just use CLAN20 and you will receive 20% off your entire order.

I am so glad to have finally found a treatment that works on Grace. No parent likes seeing their child suffer. Thank you Natalie for your Balmonds Skin Salvation miracle products! You can see the whole range on the Balmonds website

Mummy H & Grace


The lovely people at Balmonds have got you a lovely giveaway.

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  1. Nancy Shipes

    I drink over half my body weight in ounces of water each day, and use a gentle moisturizing cleanser in the shower. I also apply Balmonds Skin Salvation at least twice daily, wearing gel socks over my treated feet. Balmonds instantly ends the fire in my heels when psoriasis flares up. I love this product!

  2. Owllycrafter

    Cleanse then moisturise x

  3. Hannah Scudder

    Cleanse and moisturise and exfoliate often.

  4. Natalie Crossan

    Cleanse tone and moisturise twice daily, retinol face peels 3-4 times weekly

  5. ellie spider

    drink lots of water, wash face morning and night with mild soap, use mosituriser with spf in the morning oce face is washed and pat dried 😀

  6. sharon martin

    i have a basic routine i just cleanse and moisturise my skin

  7. Kelly Hirst

    I use a miceller water to remove my make up and then use moisturiser

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