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Bacofoil is a household name I’m sure you’ve heard of. When asked to review some of their Non-Stick Baking Paper I said yes, as we just used our last lot a few weeks ago whilst baking with the kids and had yet to stock up!

Since 1962, Bacofoil products have been trusted by millions of British households to help prepare, cook and store food quickly, easily and safely.

Non-Stick Baking Paper review by Family ClanaNon-Stick Baking Paper

Have no fear bakers; cake mess and cookie disasters are a thing of the past, with Bacofoil The Non-Stick Baking Paper.

The innovative and unique Non-Stick, textured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake, meaning that everything from cookies, cakes and doughs will bake evenly and slide effortlessly off of the paper – a perfect bake every time.
Furthermore, because both sides of the paper are Non-Stick, any excess grease is unable to seep through.

Putting it to the Test

I love that that paper has a non-stick bumpy structure. We used this baking paper straight away, as it just so happened I was making a Cannelloni dish and I had left over lasagne sheets and was unsure what to do.

So we made home made tortilla chips, I cut the lasagne sheets into triangle shaped pieces, sprayed with oil and seasoned with Cayenne Pepper and Cajun spices.

Bacofoil Non-Stick Baking Paper review by Family Clan

Then I placed these onto the non-stick paper.

Bacofoil Non-Stick Baking Paper review by Family Clan

They turned out really well. With it being a first attempt and never doing that before we was quite impressed.

Bacofoil Non-Stick Baking Paper review by Family Clan 5

It wasn’t long until the kids had a go themselves too. Grace decided she wanted to chop the lasagne sheets! We ended up with many different shapes, but they were really happy with their creations.

Bacofoil Non-Stick Baking Paper review by Family Clan

Jake sprinkled garlic salt and paprika across.

Bacofoil Non-Stick Baking Paper review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

Such a simple idea, and there was no sticking at all to the paper which I honestly thought they might have a bit with them being cooked lasagne sheets and full of moisture.

The Non-Stick Baking Paper is available in 38cm wide and 10m long so perfect for both small and larger bakes and sure to last you a while.

You can view the rest of the range on the Bacofoil Website

Mummy H


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  1. kathryn dale

    I love making fish pie with fresh cod and prawns

  2. Emily Hutchinson (@emilyh13)

    I love cooking a sunday roast. It’s just so nice when it all comes together and people love it

  3. Kay Sherman

    I love baking cookies and brownie with the children

  4. Tony Metcalfe

    Probably making the family Christmas Cake every year, it’s part of the family tradition now.

  5. Carol Thomas

    I love baking cakes for aldvual occasions. I also love making homemade lasagne, curries and so on and giving dinner parties

  6. Natalie Burgess

    I love baking cakes with my little girl as we always have so much fun, and my little girl always feels so proud xx

  7. My mum and I like to make cheesy pasta bake and also things like fairy cakes and cookies.

  8. Rachel Craig

    Salmon, as delicious as well as healthy eating.

  9. Joo Dee

    cakes and roast dinners because we like that!!

  10. Laura Wheatley

    I love baking and cooking with my daughter, We love to make cupcakes and cookies. We made a quorn cottage pie yesterday

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