Giveaway: Back to School with TV Store Online

Back to school with TV Store Online.

Back to school with TV Store Online. are a Detroit-based movie, television, and comic book apparel and costume company seen on Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Today Show, The Ellen Show.

We have teamed up with to celebrate ‘Back to School’ shopping. Offering a huge variety of pop culture clothing. So if your kids or teens are into things like Star Wars or Rick and Morty, well then you’ll just love the selection that has to offer.

Logan loves his TV programmes and a particular favourite is Power Rangers, so when he managed to get his hands on this Power Rangers Hooded Jacket to review, his eyes lit up and said ‘oh wow, that’s awesome’.
I remember watching Power Rangers when I was younger with my brother, so for it to still be showing on TV and now seeing Logan enjoying it is really something special.

Back to school with TV Store Online. Power RangersBack to school with TV Store Online. Power Rangers

Power Ranger Green Hoodie

Have you ever wanted to be a Power Ranger? Well, who hasn’t? They’ve got the power of the Megazords and they can take on just about any foe! If you want to show some love for your favorite character, look no further than this officially licensed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hoodie. Featuring the design of the Green Ranger, this Power Rangers hoodie has a zip up hood that turns into a mask, allowing you to officially become your favorite Ranger! Let the world know that it’s Morphin Time with this awesome Green Ranger hoodie!

The jacket is really high quality which I have found in the past that products are always really high quality that will last.

The additional features with this hooded jacket is that it can be used as a standard jacket, or Logan also likes to use it to dress-up as one of his favourite Rangers from the show. He can do this by pulling the hood up and the zip reaches over his face to fully cover alike to a mask, with a fully breathable net across.
The hoodie is very realistic to being alike to the character Tommy from the show. Logan just loves it.

Mummy E & Logan


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168 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Back to School with TV Store Online”

  1. Adrian Bold

    Better Call Saul, such a great spin off from Breaking Bad and a wonderful leading character.

  2. Josie Coltman

    My favourite TV show is Arrow at the moment. I’m currently watching season 4 and love the superhero theme throughout the episodes.

  3. Chirag Patel

    Love Trigger from only fools and horses

  4. David

    Hello! My favourite TV show is Father Ted, a 90’s sitcom set in Ireland about three hapless priests and it is so funny! The humour is so original and zany, I would really recommend it.

  5. Lesley Cohen Wright

    I love Blue Bloods

  6. Pam Francis Gregory

    Loved Game of Thrones – Until the final series!

  7. Maria Gellar

    Sam Winchester from Supernatural 😍

  8. Toni Pearson

    Has to be Joey from Friends…simply the best character ever.

  9. Rachel B

    Love Jack Bauer

  10. Simone Griffin

    In our house we still love The Simpsons!

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