Baby Jensen – 7 weeks update

Hello Everyone.

Sorry for being so quiet, enjoying my alone time with my not so new baby.

Jensen is now a whole 7 weeks old today, now weighing in at 8lb 9oz and I just love watching him grow more and more.

These past weeks, he has began to stay awake  longer during the day and began to reach for his toys on his play mat. We also saw his first proper smile, which was adorable and I was able to witnesses it first, yey!

Logan and Jensen

He had his first ever sleep over at his Nannas on Monday, which he was a good lad while me and Logan had a day at Edinburgh Zoo with his school.
He slept (for one night only) 7.15pm – 4.30 , I totally felt like a new woman! Hoping it isn’t much longer when he’ll be sleeping right through, finger crossed please!! Soon he’ll be going into his big boys room as Daddy S’s snoring sometimes wakes him up.

Logan is a very good big brother and loving helping (sometimes) with his big brother duties, he enjoys showing Jensen off on the school run showing his teachers and friends. I’m so pleased with how Logan is handling having a baby around, full time.

We have Jensen’s first set of immunisations next week, I hate needles as you’ve heard in my other posts! So I have to be brave but lucky Daddy S is coming for support me and Jensen 🙂

Thanks for reading our journey!
Watch out for much more updates soon.


Mummy E

3 Thoughts to “Baby Jensen – 7 weeks update”

  1. Emma C

    Aww look at that smile! And a happy big bro too!

  2. cloclor

    Sooooo cute!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Looking so cute ! Good luck with the vaccinations – you are not the only one who doesnt like needles

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