Baby Jensen – 12 days old update

Hi everyone 🙂

Jensen is now 12 days old, we can not believe it. Logan just loves being a big brother and he is doing a fab job of doing his “big brother duties”

Our mornings can be a little chaotic with getting a newborn fed and dressed and a very boisterous and hyper 4 year old ready and out the door by 8.40am for school, but I’m sure this is something I will get used to pretty soon and get our routine in order.

Logan loves bathing Jensen in the baby bath, we have also put them both in the big bath together, and I have found this great for routine, Logan helps to wash Jensen’s gorgeous locks of hair and his teeny body. It’s so lovely to watch the both of them. He is so loving towards Jensen.

Jensen is coming on great. Each day is different, as the days go on Jensen is getting more and more alert and beginning to study our faces.

Night times aren’t that bad ether. His last feed is around 10 or 11pm, then he wakes only once at around 3 or 4am. Then I have to wake him at 7.30 to get the three of us ready for the school run.

It’s going well, I’m beginning to feel normal and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again, although I’m not rushing into it, I have started my Slimming World diet again that I had just started just a month before I found out I was pregnant but the beginning of my pregnancy was terrible so I didn’t stick to it although my weight did maintain until well over 25 weeks pregnant! Slow and steady will be the key for me for now!
Baby Jensen
Thank you for reading 🙂
Mummy E

6 Thoughts to “Baby Jensen – 12 days old update”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Just clicking through and saw this beauty – same age as our DOTTIE is today – time passes so quick !

  2. sandy ralph

    oh he is so cute congratulations

  3. sandy ralph

    oh so cute , congratulations, he has a load of hair love him

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    So cute glad you are feeling better – good luck with slimming world – heard its a really good plan to follow

  5. Keri Jones

    How lovely, I hope their brotherly bond continues as they get older xx

  6. Susan B

    Oh, bless his little soul. Many congratulations.

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