Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat by Casdon

Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat Review Family Clan

Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat

Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat from Casdon, allows you to bring your doll everywhere with you. Your doll is kept perfectly safe and secure by a 3 point harness with hand shaped buckles that secure to the cars seat belts. This uniquely styled toy booster seat can promote car safety. It will quickly become the Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat Family Clantoy that never leaves your child’s side. Dolls deserve it!

The Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat arrived very well packed with each plastic piece wrapped in tissue paper.

I took the pieces out of the box, and followed the instructions on how to assemble it together. First I needed to add the chair covers. It fits around each plastic part with draw string to make it fitted securely around the shape. After attaching them I tied the drawstring in a knot at the back to assure that they would work loose.
I inserted the armrests into the seat base, then inserted the seat back into the seat base.

Then we were ready to play!  

I actually set this up for Grace when she was out shopping with Daddy J. When she came home her face was a picture to see her favourite Baby Annabell doll sitting in the seat ready for her to play with.


Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat Review Family Clan

It is suitable for dolls size up to 46cm so perfect for Grace’s dolls, as she has a small but growing collection!

This car seat also promotes car safety to your child showing them they must always wear a seat belt in the car seat. Especially if your little one isn’t keen on having their seat belt on, this is also a great toy to show ‘baby has hers, so you should have yours’.

Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat Family Clan

To attach the Baby Huggles Car Booster seat to your car, all you would need to do it fasten your car seat belt in the car. At the back of the Booster Seat there is a place where the seat belt will slip through allowing the Car Booster Seat to remain in its place.

As we don’t own a car at the moment Grace can’t wait until Nanna and Grand dad visit so she can go for a ride with her doll in their car.

Where Can I Buy?

The Casdon Baby Huggles Car Booster Seat is suitable for ages 3+. It can be purchased here from Amazon

Mummy H and Grace

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  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    My Megan would love this, her two dolls are currently in her baby sisters car seat xxx

  2. Bev

    This is so cute!


    Isn’t it cute – would make a perfect Christmas present for my neice

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