Baby Born Soft Touch Doll and Table Feeding Chair

Baby Born Soft Touch Doll and Feeding Chair

We all have heard of Baby Born by Zapf Creations, their dolls have been little girls’ best friend, baby and playmate for more than 85 years.

Dolls have been at the top of little girls wish lists for decades. Even in the age of smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, playing with dolls still remains very popular.

When asked to review the Baby Born Soft Touch Doll we said yes, Grace was super excited and couldn’t wait to meet her new friend.

Baby Born soft touch comes with 11 accessories to help take care of him:-

feeding bowl and spoon,
milk bottle,
dummy with dummy clip,
large and small friendship bracelets,
food sachet,
birth certificate.

The Baby Born soft touch doll is softer and more huggable than before. He is 43cm tall with 9 lifelike functions such as his arms that are more moveable and an easy to press tummy button to make going to the potty much easier.

Baby Born will also cry real tears, drink water and eat the food provided. He can even be taken in the bath.

If you lie Baby Born down, his eyes will close as he drifts off to sleep.

I love his little blue bodysuit and matching hat that he wears. With simple velcro to dress or undress allowing it very easy for children to do.

Grace absolutely loves him, she takes him in the bath with her too. This is totally fine to do, Baby Born has a pretty good drainage system, with the water emptying from the groin area and feet. Which reminds me of the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid, who also was safe for the bath and drained extremely well.

Playing with Baby Born Soft Touch Doll

Grace instantly said that her baby was thirsty and that he needed a drink. So I filled the bottle half way with tap water and gave to Grace. She lay Baby Born back and started to give him a drink of water.

She took to the mother roll almost instantly and wouldn’t leave him alone. Constantly checking on him to make sure that he was okay.

She asked to put his nappy on her new Baby Born Soft Touch Doll too. Which I didn’t think she would as she has always shyed away when new babies are around and getting their nappy changed.

Slipping the vest back around and into position with the easy velcro, she was off and ready to play again.

I just love the features of the Baby Born Soft Touch Doll, the hands are very life like with all the dimples in the right places, just adding to the realism of the baby.

There is also matching friendship bracelets for you and your baby too.

When your baby has had a drink of water he can also sit on the potty. Just undo his vest and remove the nappy, let him sit on the potty and press his belly to let him have a wee, clever boy!

What’s more, the doll is ready to use straight from the box. No batteries required, which is a big bonus right.

Baby Born Table feeding chair

Baby Born review by Family Clan

With Baby Born there are many accessories you can purchase separately to bring play even more to life.

Just check this amazing Table Feeding Chair that we have also been sent to review in addition to the Baby Born Doll.

Baby Born review by Family Clan

Thanks to his comfortable table feeding chair, he can now do his eating and drinking right next to his mammy at the table as well. The chair once again is ready to use straight out of the box, using the screws I attached to the table.

The chair is made out of soft, but stable fabric and can be screwed down onto the table top in just a few simple steps. BABY born can do more than just eat on the integrated turquoise table, it’s also perfect for playing.

Baby Born review by Family Clan

Grace loved to attach it to her play table, and sit him in. She was talking to him continuously, feeding him, and even Jake joined in when she was holding him.

Baby Born review by Family Clan

Our thoughts

We have really loved having the additional family member to look after. I have had to look after Baby Born soft touch whilst Grace was at school.

She takes him in the bath with her and when he gets out she wraps him in a towel and dries him off. Then get him changed again, pops his dummy in and bundles him up in her blanket and lets him sleep next to her. Very sweet!

You can purchase Baby Born Soft Touch Doll and the Table Feeding Chair from Amazon.

Mummy H and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Baby Born Soft Touch Doll and Table Feeding Chair”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    Baby Born are a real classic brand. This set looks really good.

  2. Susan B

    This brand knows a thing or two about what makes cute and engaging. Gorgeous.

  3. Sharon Freemantle

    What a beautiful baby doll. Ava would love him as she has a baby brother

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks fab. My daughter would have loved this when she was little

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    So cute – they certainly be loved here – my neice can have her own baby just like her mimmy

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