Baby Born Are Celebrating Imagination Through Play



One of the nation’s favourite doll brands, BABY born, has launched its new campaign Dolls are for Everyone, through a series of short videos, which reveal an insight into the children’s imagination through hilarious and candid content.

The campaign aims to encourage parents of both boys and girls to develop their nurturing skills through playing with dolls and celebrate imaginative play with children regardless of gender and background.

What do babies eat?

The videos captured a funny and innocent approach by the children, struggling to make sense of adult life when questioned about day to day routines.

In one funny clip, the children are asked, “What do babies eat?”, to which one girl replies, “curry and rice?”, while another replies “pizza?”.

And in another humorous shot, one young boy also attempts to change BABY born’s nappy by placing the baby face down.

When asked about day to day routines including helping a baby sleep, they all sweetly sung traditional nursery rhymes to the baby and when it came to feeding, the videos show the children bringing fun to mealtimes with aeroplane and choo choo noises.

What’s more, the children were all keen to show off their dental hygiene knowledge, highlighting the importance of brushing teeth because if you don’t brush them for two minutes at least every day, “your teeth will go rotten”.

Kasia Leskow, Marketing Manager for Zapf Creation UK, said: “We had so much fun filming the content with the kids and laughing about the funny things they came up with when using their own imagination.

We can see that children are picking up on everything their parents do and say, but don’t quite have the details nailed.

“Playing with dolls is key for development, no matter what the gender and what we really loved seeing was how boys leapt to the challenge just as readily as girls, proving that dolls really are for everyone.”

Baby Born review by Family Clan

It really is true, Jake did enjoy playing with Grace’s Baby Born when we recently reviewed the BABY born Soft Touch Doll. They both are a great Mummy and Daddy when it comes to role play.

Mummy H

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    This sounds like a great campaign.

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