Baby Annabell Doll from Zapf Creations

Baby Annabell Doll from Zapf Creations
Baby Annabell Review Family Clan Blog

We have received a Baby Annabell by Zapf Creations to review. Grace’s face was a picture when she seen this doll and she took an instant likening to her!

Baby Annabell does not only feel like a real baby due to her lifelike functions and sounds she also acts like a real baby. She babbles, laughs, drinks from her water filled bottle and sucks on her dummy with realistic face movements and cries real tears. She is like a real baby, with realistic baby sounds and cute facial expressions!Baby Annabell Review Family Clan Blog

In the box we have received:-

  • Baby Annabell doll
  • bottle
  • dummy
  • bib
  • pendant
  • nappy


Baby Annabell requires 3 x AA batteries, which are not included, so I simply inserted them and Grace was ready to play.

Baby Annabell can drink water from her bottle with realistic mouth movements. After drinking her bottle she ‘burps’ when you pat her back. If you do not ‘burp’ her, she will cry for a while then go back to her babble language which is fantastic as you don’t want to have to hear a crying baby crying continuously if it has not been burped!
Baby Annabell Review Family Clan Blog

Baby Annabell also sucks on her dummy making realistic mouth movements and sucking sounds as she opens and closes her eyes making it seem very alike to having a real baby. By removing the dummy she goes back to her baby babble language. If she starts to cry you can calm her down by gently patting her back, then you can give her the dummy or bottle.

Baby Annabell Review Family Clan Blog

Stroking her cheek will also calm her down and she will either sigh or laugh. I like how her skin is soft feeling making her very realistic to a real baby.

If you would like to put Baby Annabell to sleep she can be rocked in your arms, she will sigh and yawn or cry once. If she cries, you can calm her down by gently stroking her cheek, then she falls asleep immediately.

You can wake Baby Annabell up by lifting her into the upright position. It may be that she laughs or cries. If Baby Annabell cries, pat her on her back or gently stroke her on the cheek.

Baby Annabell can also use the potty (sold separately) she needs to be given water for this to work. If you place her on the potty and press her belly button, she can wee in the potty.
Baby Annabell Review Family Clan Blog

Grace really loves taking Baby Annabell everywhere, she will put her in her dolls pram and take her for a walk, she has also shown her nursery friends.

Jake also loves playing with the doll and keeps saying ‘she has just said her first word’ when she is using her baby babble language.

Baby Annabell will be a great addition to help an older sibling adjust to life with a new baby in the family due to the realistic functions that she has. She is also a great weight weighing the amount of a small baby.

We really have enjoyed Baby Annabell and Grace is now making a list for her birthday of wanting some accessories for her!

RRP £54.99  this doll is excellent value for money due to the amount of hours that Grace has had playing with her and the quality of her! She is suitable for ages 3+ I would say a younger child could still play fine.

Also available is a Baby Annabell brother that can be purchased if your little one would prefer a boy doll to play with. There are different accessories that can be purchased separately for Baby Annabell making role play more fun and the imagination to wander!

Available to purchase from Amazon

Mummy H and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Baby Annabell Doll from Zapf Creations”

  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    My four year old daughter would absolutely love a baby Annabel, she has baby born she absolutely loves xxx

  2. The Breastest News

    My daughter would love this and she’s in need of a new doll as well 🙂

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Grace loves her new doll Annabell, she takes her out in her pram regularly. It’s lovely to see them playing and using their imagination. x

  3. Margaret gallagher

    She’s such a cutie (Annabelle and Grace?)
    My neice is already planning to buy her daughter this beauty for Esmays first birthday

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thanks Margaret. How is Esmay doing? Can’t believe you are thinking about her 1st birthday already! Doesn’t seem two minutes since she was born. xx

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