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Avon Haul, Beauty Fashion & Freebies Family Clan Blog

Avon Haul

I do love Avon. This month I have bought some beauty products, some hair care products, a couple of little gifts for my grand daughters and some little freebies!

We have a regular guy who comes around with his little daughter in her pram.  Most months all wrapped up, but yesterday it was lovely to actually see her as we had a gorgeous hot and sunny day.

Hair Care Products

I love Avon TECHniques hair range and use it almost every time I wash my hair.  This month I purchased an offer on the range that was three items for £5. I selected Daily Shine Shampoo and Leave in Conditioner as well as the Mirror Shine Spray – Shine Boost, which leaves my hair feeling all silky smooth instead of a frizzy mess!  Didn’t actually need them, but with them being on such good offer I decided to get some in. I made a saving of £2.25. So really pleased with that.

Avon Haul, Beauty Fashion & Freebies Family Clan Blog

The Mirror Shine Spray is great, just three puff on the top of my head and brush it through. Then one more puff on my brush for the underneath and, voila, it’s done.

This is absolutely my favourite gloss spray ever. I have fairly long, very thick, frizzy hair that has a dull and lifeless look to it, unless it’s just newly washed. But I don’t want my hair to look that way in between washes, so just another quick spritz of the Mirror Shine and my hair has an instant healthy and glamourous polished look to it, Before using this spray I would never have used glossy to describe my hair and although I wouldn’t say my hair had a ‘mirror’ shine to it, it definitely looked glossy and weightless. No greasiness, no artificial look and no stickiness like some hairsprays I’ve tried. Plus, it’s quite a lightweight spray so doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Beauty Products

I purchased two mascara’s, Mark Spectralash in black and Avon Luxe in caviar black, these where on offer £5 each.

Avon Haul, Beauty Fashion & Freebies Family Clan Blog

The Spectralash is brilliant as you can just twist the bottom for a more dramatic impact lash. It stays in place all day or night depending when I’m wearing it. I have very little eye lashes as you can see in a really early post when I tried out the Jerome Alexander Eye Lash Enhancing Serum Mascara. So need a lot of her in the lash department.

The Luxe mascara in Caviar black is a new one to me but the Avon website says “Multiply the look of lashes and triple your lash volume with black diamond powder and volumising fibres for a high impact look.”  So I thought I’d give it a go, I find Avon Mascara’s are as good if not better than almost all other brands I’ve tried, bargain or high end.


Avon Haul, Beauty Fashion & Freebies Family Clan Blog

The two wands with the shapes on are for adding extra designs to you nails. You can add a different contrasting colour on top, making it look professional instead of the gloopy mess I usually end up doing!  Again I’ve not used them but will add some pictures of how good they are when I’ve tested them. They cost a whole 50p each so I thought they was cheap enough to try.

Fashion Products

Avon Haul, Beauty Fashion & Freebies Family Clan Blog

I purchased two of these Ava Bear scarves. One for Olivia and one for Grace. Their birthdays are in August and October respectively, so will be perfect for going to school or dressing up even. At just £2 each I thought they where a great bargain. They fasten with two strips of Velcro and measure approximately 34cm by 10cm (20 inches by 3 inches).  With fluffy white fur and on the inside pastel pink fleece linning. I love them and wish they had a bigger size, I’d have bought one for myself!


Avon Haul, Beauty Fashion & Freebies Family Clan Blog

Right at the very bottom of the bag was three little freebies. I got a sachet of Avon Naturals, cleansing and balancing 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. These are great if you are having a weekend break or over night trip. So much easier than taking bottles that will probably leak everywhere – or is that just me?

There was also a lovely pink/red True Colour lipstick sample – sadly I don’t know that actual colour but the picture above is as good representation on my laptop.

Thirdly was a little vial of Avon Viva LA Vita EPU great for travelling. When we go over to the Isle of Man to visit Daddy G and Mummy C I can’t carry my usual perfume as it’s too big and we only have carry on luggage, so this will be perfect for then. But they are also good if you are on a long flight if the air gets a bit muggy you can just dab a bit on and it will make your area smell great again.

You can check these out on the Avon website.

Nanna Jane

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