Asda Clothing Haul for the Family

Asda Haul

I don’t food shop at Asda anymore, I, like a lot of people, have gone over to Aldi, but when I’m after something to wear, especially a top, I’ll nip in to see what they have.

Asda Clothing Haul Family Clan Blog

Grand Children

I, of course, also ended up also buying the grand children a few things. You really couldn’t leave them on the rails at the prices on offer. So got a couple of t-shirts for Jake in a size 9-10 – he’s 6, but wears anything up to an age 10 depending on make as he’s so tall. Thought the would be good for late summer autumn and at just £2 for two, bargain. The grey with green writing is a size 7-8 but was only £1 so if it doesn’t fit him, sure it will fit someone else!

I love the cream knitted black heart jumper I got for Olivia, I couldn’t make this for £10 never mind the £2.50 it was reduced too. The heart is a this sparkly wool so cuddly and warm for the colder months again. She’s four – going on 24 – but I got a 6-7 as this was the smallest but also again she’s in a bigger size with being tall.

Asda Clothing Haul Family Clan BlogAsda Clothing Haul Family Clan Blog

Grand Dad Al

Grand dad Al doesn’t spend on clothes, he hates clothes shopping, but we managed to find him a few t-shirts and a pair of Dickies. Dickies are a great brand in work pants they are extra tough, was really surprised to find them in Asda for just £22. He’s really please with his purchases.

Asda Clothing Haul Family Clan Blog

and Finally Me 

I went to Blog On a couple of weekends ago – a big event where bloggers of all kind come together and we take seminars and meet with up companies and pr people – I wanted to buy myself a new top to go with my black trousers. I also needed a couple of t-shirt for summer, just quick easy dry & put back on ones. They cost £6 for two, so a great price.

Asda Clothing Haul Family Clan Blog

I got a deep scarlet tunic style top – it could be a dress if I was brave enough to get my milk bottle white legs out, but I’m not! I like the fact that it has three quarter sleeves and tie belt at the waist in the same fabric. At £12 it didn’t break the bank and really is lovely to wear. Perfect for Blog On

Asda Clothing Haul Family Clan Blog

I also got a cream, green and pinks top, that has a tie on the bottom left. Again with wide sleeves. I’ve not got around to trying this on as yet but it was reduced to only £4, so I thought I’d give it a try.

You can see what else they have at Asda on their website.  Have you bought anything new lately? Do tell.

Nanna Jane

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9 Thoughts to “Asda Clothing Haul for the Family”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Lots of bargains for the whole family! I love getting bargains in the sales!


    Some great bargains there! I think George clothing is great for Kids!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Would be lost with out it. I send a lot of things over to the Isle of Man for Mummy C from Asda, as they only have a small Tesco. That’s it no more supermarkets, though there is a rumour Aldi is going to open a store over there. xJane

  3. Bev

    Never thought of trying asda for any clothes!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      They have some really good thing, but make sure you check the quality as some of their cheaper end adult tshirts are a bit naff. xJane

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    I love shopping at asda for my children and myself, from school uniforms to character clothing it’s a fantastic range and good value for money xx

  5. Theresa Alison

    I like Asda for the clothes but like you I do tend to do my shopping elsewhere and just shop for clothes at Asda . They have some great quality clothes for children and always do a big range not so big for the adults though I find x

  6. Margaret gallagher

    Love ASDA for bargains
    The quality and sizes are great too
    You managed to get a fab haul

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Love all the things I got and pleased to report they all fit! xx Jane

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