Arthroscopy Knee Part Two

Arthroscopy Knee Part Two

Well I had my second arthroscopy a few weeks ago now & I know I said I would let you know how it went, so here’s the knee news.

I was to be at the hospital for 7:30am on the Saturday morning & wasn’t allowed anything to eat or drink from midnight on Friday night.  I had my last cup of tea at 11:30pm & went to bed to read to try & take my mind of what was ahead. It didn’t work but I still enjoyed reading, I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping a lot.

The alarm was set for 6:30am & it went off all too soon. I didn’t seem to have been asleep for more than a few minutes & it was time to get up. Granddad Al had a cup of coffee & took his medication. I had to take mine at the hospital when the anesthetist told me to.  I take a strong dose of morphine twice a day & have done for over 15 years because of the arthritis in my spine, hips, neck etc. So he wanted me to take it at a certain time, so as he could  regulate what he would be giving me in the theatre.

The hospital I had it done at is a private one even though I was having my arthroscopy on the NHS, I went this route as it was quicker than going to one of the main NHS hospitals in my area, I fear I would still be waiting.

We arrived on the dot of 7:30 at the hospital & I took a deep breath & got out of the car. We remembered to move my car seat as far back as it would go for when I came out to go home.

The staff are lovely & knew I was very nervous.   They took us through to our room, yes private room, no sitting in the middle of a ward with everyone listening to your business.  It was slightly smaller than last time but still en-suite, which  was important to me as not so far to walk for later on.

The anesthetist was happy for me to take my morphine at 8:15am, so no worries about going into withdrawal, believe me I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, it’s really horrible & debilitating, not something I ever want to experience again.

Knee Jane Family Clan Blog 1
Surgeons artistic work you can see my scar from my last arthroscopy

My surgeon came through & we discussed my after care,  he took his thick felt tip pen & drew on my leg, an arrow pointing to my knee, we laughed saying it was to make sure he was doing the right one.  I was given the white compression stockings & asked to put one on my right leg, these stop or at least reduce the chances of getting a pulmonary  embolism as my mobility will be less than normal, which isn’t a great deal to start off with but I had worn these a few times through my life, so we knew how to put them on. Granddad Al is getting to be an expert. TIP: if you ever have to put these on put the plastic  bag they come in over your foot & this will make it easier for you to get it over your foot & too your leg.

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Sexy or what!!

An hour later they came for me & I was taken down to the theatre in a wheel chair, I gave Granddad Al a big hug & tried to tell him I loved him, but I was so worked up & in floods of tears that I couldn’t get the words out, but he understood.

There was a face I knew in the theatre waiting for me, Reg, he was there waiting for me once again.  He helped me last time I had this operation, which was my first ever time of going under the knife, only ever going in hospital to have children, he recognised me & I immediately felt calmer. I can only think this was because he had been there before & I trusted him to get me out the other side. I took a quick couple of puffs on my inhaler, to help me lungs whilst I was under the anesthetic, then the needles & like were inserted in my arms & before I knew it was time to go. Reg was there holding my hand reassuring me all the time.

Next thing I knew I was being woken up in the recovery room, I always forget about that tube thing they stick down your throat until someone else comes through & you see them having it removed, even though I’ve no knowledge of it, it makes me feel nauseous thinking about it.  As usual when I wake up the first thing I want is Granddad Al, have to admit to getting myself in a little bit of a panic this time, but Suzy was there holding my hand helping me settle down, which I managed to do after a few minutes or so.  Reg popped through to see me & check I was ok, but he couldn’t stop as he was wanted in theatre, but it was nice of him to come.

I was eventually took back to my room & had the big hug & cuddle I so desperately needed. Yes more tears from me.  I was given a lovely cup of tea, but asked to keep drinking water to keep myself hydrated.  I also knew I wouldn’t be allowed home without going to the loo.  About an hour later I thought right let’s go, so the nurse & Granddad Al helped me out of bed onto my crutches, it felt fine, not as sore as last time, I was happy. I’d walked about 3-4 feet when I felt my leg get a funny warm sensation down it. At first I thought I’d wet myself but no there was red stuff all over the place. I was quickly taken back to be , forget the loo, & my surgeon called for, luckily he hadn’t gone home & was just having a break before his next patient, he came in & checked I was rushed back to theatre, luckily I still had some anesthetic in my knee so they whipped the rest of the bandages off & I was sown up again there & then, Reg stayed with my holding my hand. I could feel what they where doing but it didn’t hurt, weird feeling.  They was all joking with me to distract me from what they was doing saying that I just couldn’t stay away, I just wanted more attention, it was really funny & it did take my mind off it slightly.

Knee Jane Family Clan Blog
After my second trip to the theatre

Back to the room, hopefully I was right this time.  More tea & this time a cheese sandwich, lots more tea & water later I tried again to go to the loo & this time it was uneventful, thank goodness.

This time I made it out of the hospital, the staff said I was good to leave, I had thought I might be stopping in, but no I was able to leave.

I have to admit to having a weep on the way home. I think it was the relief of it being over. It had been a long journey. I knew what level of pain I would be in as I had the same operation on the same knee just 22 months ago, but somehow I had managed to damage the knee again!

I know one day in the not so distant future I will have to have new knee fitted, but fingers crossed this time I’m good for a while.

Nanna Jane

I’ve put a couple of my more graphic photographs of my knee down here.

Knee Jane Family Clan Blog



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4 Thoughts to “Arthroscopy Knee Part Two”

  1. Stevey H

    Ouch. I get knee pain sometimes so I hope I don’t have to go through this!

  2. Samantha O'D

    ouch! looks painful, hopefully you are feeling better now

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    So brave
    A new knee will save you a lot of pain
    Know loads who have had this done and has given them a new lease of life

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Well it feels a lot better with this second arthroscopy Margaret. Was in so much pain before I had it done, even taking morphine wasn’t doing anything. Hopefully, fingers & toes all crossed, it will be ok for a few years now. I know I will have to have a new knee in the years to come, but I know how much it hurt after this & so scared about how much it will hurt when I do have to have that one done.
      Thanks for commenting, your comments mean so much. Have a fabulous weekend. xx

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